Pat Dye’s Muddy Pantaloons Worth Eight Grand!!!

Let this be a lesson to you, folks. If you’re ever walking along, just minding your own business, and come across a pair of muddy pants lying on the ground, don’t simply pass them up and carry on your merry way. They could be former Auburn football coach Pat Dye’s pants! And they could be worth $8,000!

Pat Dye

LAKE MARTIN MAGAZINE has the story: A miss Shannon McDuffie was walking along the shoreline in the Emerald Shores area when she spotted something strange residing in the muddy embankment below, a pair of plaid golf pants. After bringing them home and cleaning them off, she found a wallet inside that contained Dye’s ID cards.

Leaving aside the obvious question about what kind of person picks up a pair of used golf pants from the mud in the first place, just how did Pat Dye explain away his lost pants?

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