Former Gopher B-Baller Freaks Out At Pigs, Man

Former Minnesota Golden Gopher basketball player Shane Schilling has had a rough time of it since he was kicked off the team before his junior year. In 2005, he managed to get hurt when he was hit by a car while trying to cross the freeway. Then in 2007, he was convicted of attempted robbery after punching a Minnesota student in the face on campus while fleeing the law on a car theft charge.

Shane Schilling

But that pales in comparison to what happened to him on Monday night. The MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE says that Schilling was arrested after keeping police at bay from his apartment for more than three hours during a meth-fueled stand-off. FROM THE BARN points out that Schilling is continuing his basketball legacy of not living up to expectations, although based on his previous history, a drug-crazed freak out really shouldn’t be considered that unexpected.

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