BBC Rips On Winning Jockey For Horrible Teeth

If there are two stereotypes that I know about the British, it’s these: They are incredibly polite and afraid of offending anyone, and they have horrible teeth. The second one is apparently true, based on a documentary I saw on TV last year called “Britian’s Worst Teeth.” These people made Shane MacGowan of The Pogues look like George Clooney.

Liam Treadwell bad teeth insulted by BBC reporter

But after hearing about what happened at the Grand National - Britain’s version of the Kentucky Derby, except with jumps - I’m starting to wonder if the whole “polite” thing is true or not, at least with the TV reporters. Because the DAILY MAIL reports that BBC presenter Clare Balding has had to apologize to winning jockey Liam Treadwell after humiliating him about his teeth (or lack thereof) in the post-race interview.

Video of the infamous interview after the jump:

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