Lisa Mayfield Arrested: Assault, Trespassing, Intox

Every time we get the notion that the Jeremy Mayfield Meth Saga is over and done and he’s going to come clean, something inexplicably pops up that lends credence to his story, and we’re forced to reconsider facts of the case that would otherwise be beyond second thought.

Meet the Mayfields
(Meet the Mayfields! One of them’s in a metric f**kton of trouble for meth use… and it’s not the one on the left.)

To wit, the last time we heard from Lisa Mayfield, she was testifying in federal court that she had witnessed Jeremy purchase, manufacture, and use methamphetamines dozens of times over the last 10 years or so. Jeremy, as you’ll also recall, responded by calling her “basically a whore” who “killed [his] father.” Doesn’t look good for Jeremy, right? Well, it sure didn’t… until Lisa got arrested on a litany of charges this weekend on Jeremy’s property.

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