Cheerleader Kicked Off Team After Photos Surface

When are people going to realize that when you post photos on your Facebook or MySpace page that they’re then viewable by anyone who wants to look at them? I mean, think about it - how many times in this new era of blogs have we seen somebody get in trouble for something they posted on the internet? The latest “victim” is Caitlin Davis, a cheerleader for the New England Patriots.

Caitlin and a friend of hers did what a lot of college aged kids do when somebody passes out from drinking. They took a couple of Sharpies and started drawing penises all over their friend’s face, and just for good measure, they threw a swastika or two on him as well.  Of course, no shaming is worth anything without pictures, so Caitlin took some and posted them on her Facebook page. The photos then surfaced over on DEADSPIN this last Monday, and guess what? Apparently the Patriots weren’t big fans because Caitlin is now a former Patriots cheerleader.

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