SbB @ WSOP: Brought to You by the Dollar Sign

(Note: SbB Senior Writer Tuffy, stranded in Vegas while waiting for the trial (thanks, Vegas Bail!), took in a day at the World Series of Poker and provided this report, sponsored by EA Sports.  EA Sports: Screw you if you don’t want to play with us.)

The loudest cries entering the Rio came from the poker fans that weren’t there.  Commercialization is ruining poker.  Corporations are ruining poker.  ESPN is ruining poker.  Norman Chad is ruining poker.  Frankly, it’s difficult to understand how anyone could ever shuffle cards again under that onslaught.

World Series of Poker

After a weekend at UFC 100, any amount of T&A in the service of your favorite sport’s sponsors seems downright tame.  Still, one does not judge these matters by way of chatter on the Internet.  (Except you, deeply intelligent and thoughtful reader.)

Therefore, we dove in to find out what sexy item is one of the best-sellers at the company store, why players really buy pictures of themselves playing, and what ESPN’s new actress/reporter thinks of the new poker paradigm. Read more…