Aussie Football Analyst Puts Foot In Mouth Again

As an analyst, you’re usually given a wide berth of leeway for comments on air, particularly in sports. However, if you’ve already been disciplined once regarding off-color sexual innuendo on air, like Aussie football analyst Sam Newman, it helps to not do it again.

Sam Newman Aussie football analyst stepped on by Army chick

(Once again, Sam [lying on ground] needs to be brought to heel)

Newman’s latest row comes after he made some pleasant comments about a female Tasmanian MP on Oz’s “The Footy Show.” Video showing Sam’s supposedly sexist comments is after the jump.

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Austin American-Statesman Scores Hole In One With Dirty Headline

Actual headline from the AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN:

Statesman headline Creamer
Paula Creamer golfer pink

Your Tournament of Champions winner, Paula Creamer.

SI Caption Refers To Manny Ramirez as Manny Ortiz

SI PHOTO CAPTION NOT A CASE OF MANNY BEING MANNY: Just like YAHOO!, it appears that SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is also in dire need of copy editors:

David Manny Ortiz SI wrong

Unless Manny & David decided to tie the knot, which is okay in Massachusetts, with the former Mr. Ramirez taking Big Papi’s surname.For further fun, Tom Verducci adds another unintentional gay joke later in the article. The writer suggests that Rockies Game 2 pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez should be “aiming his hard stuff toward the middle of the plate.”