Week In Review: Super Bowl Viewers See Boner

• Super Bowl viewers in Tucson were treated to a 30-second clip of some guy’s schlong. And for those who are curious, here’s what they saw.

Larry Fitzgerald Super Bowl porn girl

• That pornographic interruption was probably more fun than actually going to a Super Bowl party.

• Should Erin Andrews and other female sports reporters get the chance to graduate from the sidelines to the broadcast booth?

• The USOC is seething over a strip club hosting its own “Pole Olympics“.

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Christian League: Mixed-Sex Hoops Lead To Sin

As far as we can tell — and we’re read up a bit on the Bible (hey, the Old Testament is in the hizzy!) — Christianity is usually all about forgiveness and acceptance. At least that’s what the Jesuits and nuns told us before breaking out the rulers when we were in high school and college. So we were more than a bit surprised when we read the ST. PETERSBURG TIMES story about the junior varsity basketball team at Westside Christian School, in Largo, Fla., which had to quit the Suncoast Christian Conference so that Aliyah Farley could play on the team.

Aliyah Farley

(Aliyah Farley: Why the SCC is now a 10-team league.)

Yup, you read that right. The Suncoast Christian Conference (SCC) refused to let girls play with boys, even when there’s nowhere else for the girls to play. What makes the decision even less defensible are the grounds upon which the decision was made: By a vote of 8-2 (with one abstention), the SCC decided that the risks were too great that boys and girls playing together could lead to sin.

Welcome back to the 18th century folks, and stay tuned for Nathaniel Hawthorne’s next best selling novel.

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