“Patriots Widows” Trolling For Sex During Games?

We’re not sure how we missed this one, but a few days ago the BOSTON HERALD reported on something it termed as “Patriots Widows” - women seeking men on Craiglist.com for sex while their men are away at Pats games in Foxborough.

Patriots Fans

Pretty amusing stuff, but not surprisingly, BOSTONIST outs the Herald for overblowing the trend, noting that, “whenever a major sports event takes place in the city, someone at the Herald scours the craigslist romance posts for sports-related ads. Last time, during the World Series, the Herald found a few posts indicating that Red Sox victories boosted the sex drive.

This time, the Herald claims to find something new–’frustrated fraus,’ or ‘Patriots widows,’ who feel that Their Man is too absorbed in the game.

Yet, The Herald did have some Craigslist posts as evidence that spurned sex-hungry spouses probably exist.

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