A Tale Of Booze, Drugs, Underage Sex & Tennis

I would imagine that being a tennis coach in Santa Barbara is a pretty plum job: wonderful weather, beautiful scenery, and a chance to get paid for playing and coaching tennis. Of course, if allegations against former Santa Barbara High School girls tennis coach Peter Jeschke are correct, there’s are also much more slimy and insidious perks to the job - like being able to get your attractive teenage players wasted on booze and/or drugs and then have sex with them.

Peter Jeschke

More than 18 months after his alleged crimes took place, Jeschke’s trial has finally started. THE SANTA BARBARA INDEPENDENT has the latest from the courthouse, and even for a blog culture that is pretty jaded to the daily barrage of stories involving youth sports coaches taking advantage of their players, the details are pretty appalling.

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