Blog-Some: “Semi-Pro” Falls Flat, Only Earns $15M

• VARIETY shoots up news that “Semi-Pro” was the top grossing film of last weekend, but netted only $15 million - “the lowest opening for a major Will Ferrell comedy in almost a decade.”

Semi-Pro Jackie Moon Dick Pepperfield

• In honor of Felix Pie’s twisted testicle, 100% INJURY RATE painfully looks back on some of the more unusual injuries to have befallen athletes.

• The BALTIMORE SUN is shattered that the Orioles’ Kevin Millar decided to break out the pink bat, only to have it splinter after two trips to the plate.

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At The Movies: Ferrell’s “Semi-Pro” Semi-Hilarious

You may not have heard, but there’s this little movie called “Semi-Pro” that’s just hit theaters. It’s the inspiring ’70s tale of Jackie Moon - owner, player, and coach of the Flint Tropics - who oh so desperately wants to get his team into the NBA.

Jackie Moon shoe as a weapon

Well, we dribbled our way to the local cineplex to catch the latest masterpiece from the man that is the manifestation of comedy itself - Will Ferrell. Would his newest film bounce it way into our hearts? Read more…

Blog-A-Roni: Greg Oden Breaks Out The Mohawk

• YARDBARKER is styling with Greg Oden, as the injured NBA rookie gabs with Jim Rome about his new ‘do:

Greg Oden Jim Rome

• YOU BEEN BLINDED can’t wait to play “Grand Theft Auto: John Madden“.

• LAIST takes Tony Kornheiser to task for being such a bitch about bloggers.

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Giants-Pats Game Most Watched Super Bowl Ever

Sorry, Puppy Bowl. The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that New York’s Giant upset over New England was the most watched Super Bowl ever.

Eli Manning Giants Super Bowl Trophy

According to the Nielsen numbers, over 97 million viewers tuned in to see Eli Manning out-duel Tom Brady on Sunday, with 81% of the sets in Boston and 67% of the TVs in New York tuned into the game.

Fox’s pre-game festivities, including a red-carpet walk hosted by Ryan Seacrest, helped bring in the “American Idol” crowd - and also bring up some amusing quips from the boys in the booth.

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