Joe Gibbs Spends $1M A Year Lubing Up Engines

How much do you spend every year on motor oil? I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it’s probably less than $1 million, which is what NASCAR’s Joe Gibbs Racing spends every year trying to perfect the oil it puts in its cars. With the oil experimentation going on for a decade, that’s about $10 million spent on something you and I spend $19.99 for every four months at Jiffy Lube.

Joe Gibbs

So why all the cash on such a seemingly minor detail? Well, NASCAR essentially requires all cars to be equal, even going as far as limiting innovation so as not to give one team an advantage over another. But one area where teams are free to do whatever they want is oil. And if you thought getting KFC’s secret recipe was tough, don’t you dare try and figure out what’s lubing up Gibbs’ engines.

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