Wait, SEC Replay Officials Don’t Use HD Monitors?

It’s been a rocky year so far for the SEC officials, to say the least. They’ve been blowing replay calls with such frightening regularity that commentators have wondered aloud what the point of even having replay is if it’s not going to make anything better. Naturally, the conference’s response has been to slap a gag order on referee criticism, so hey, problem solved!

LSU TV capture Interception
(Can you see whether these feet are inbounds? If so, you probably weren’t in the replay booth last Saturday.)

The SEC isn’t completely insulated, though. To that end, the conference’s director of officials, Rogers Redding, addressed the media on Monday. He probably told people a little too much, though; for example, if you’re trying to increase your officials’ credibility, it probably isn’t a good idea to tell the media that officials are using worse TVs than the average fan is using.

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