Clay Bennett Rips On HS Cheerleaders’ Diversity?

It’s already been established that Clay Bennett isn’t that sympathetic of a character, having moved Seattle’s beloved Supersonics to Oklahoma City amid legal threats, local protestations, and less-than-unanimous owner support. But “heartless businessman” can probably describe more NBA owners than not, so is it time to cut Bennett some slack and let him enjoy the OKC?

Clay Bennett Racist Facebook

Of course, by “enjoy,” we mean “take shots at cheerleaders who aren’t white.” Same thing, really. That above conversation was taken by BEND IT LIKE BENNETT, a Thunder-themed blog, from the Facebook page of Graham Bennett (Terrorist fist jab: THE SPORTING BLOG). Graham, as you’ve probably already guessed, is Clay Bennett’s son, and apparently just a real big fan of his old man and his riffs on race (let’s call it Claycism).

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Blog-o-Rama: The MLS Finally Making Some News

  • Who knew it would take a crazy naked guy on a plane being restrained by members of the New England Revolution for people to realize that the U.S. has a professional soccer league?  DEADSPIN and THE OFFSIDES RULES are just two of the places where you can get all the crazy naked details.

    Revolution Airport

  • DEJUICED proves that college baseball players know a thing or two about getting arrested as well.
  • THE BIG LEAD would like further evidence that the former Seattle SuperSonics will now be called Oklahoma City Thunder
  • THE BLUE SCREEN informs us of Plaxico Burress’ modification to the Sirius NFL studios.
  • HEISMAN PUNDIT breaks down the fastest players in college football.

Seattle Fans, Sonics Squaring Off In Federal Court

So battle lines have been drawn for some time in this battle between Sonics fans in Seattle and team management. It’s somewhat similar to when you break up with a girl and she’s all, “Please don’t leave!” And you’re all, “Too bad!” And then she steals your car keys and dangles them out the bedroom window. Somewhat.

Sonics logo Oklahoma graffiti

Now, it seems that both sides will be playing their own version of 5-on-5…in court. Read more…

Cuban, Allen Vote Against Sonics Move To OK City

Despite the best efforts of the blogosphere, the NBA owners have voted overwhelmingly to approve the Sonics’ move from Seattle to Oklahoma City. But it wasn’t a unanimous decision.

Mark Cuban Mavericks Paul Allen Blazers

CBS SPORTS reports that Friday’s final tally was 28-2 in support of the move. The two owners casting the dissenting votes were Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks and Paul Allen of the Portland Trail Blazers. Why wouldn’t these guys go along with the crowd?

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Bloggers To Arms! It’s Time To Save The Sonics!

The Seattle Supersonics mess is already pretty, well, messy. Howard Schultz sells team, Clay Bennett tries to take them to Oklahoma City but tells David Stern that he didn’t, Schultz gets mad. Like I said, messy. But Sonics fans are hoping to make it even messier.

Sonics Blogger

Tyler Kumakura of SONICS CENTRAL is rallying the blogosphere around this worthy cause, hoping to harness the power of the internet and convince NBA owners to vote against the Sonics’ relocation.

Fans are encouraged to call, e-mail, petition, and generally do whatever they can to convince owners that they’re making a huge mistake.
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Howard Schultz Sues for the Seattle Sonics Back

It’s one thing to mess with an entire city government, a loyal and passionate fan base, and the integrity of David Stern and the NBA, Clay Bennett. Governments come and go. David Stern, like all men, has his price. And the fans? Ha! A piffle.

Starbucks and the Seattle SuperSonics

It’s quite another matter to screw with Howard Schultz, Clay. You see, he heard about those e-mails and he feels he’s been lied to. You don’t cross the CEO of Starbucks, Clay. He wants his toys back. Now. If you don’t go quietly into that misty Seattle night and back from whence you came, he will sue your pasty white posterior there.
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