Bears Wish Cutler Would Cut Down On Partying

• The Chicago Bears are concerned about Jay Cutler’s late-night carousing.

Jay Cutler Chicago Bears jersey

(”Aw, man - I need a drink!”)

• You would think home plate umpires deal with enough abuse without having to take a broken bat to the face.

• A couple of Texas Tech football players find relief along the stadium wall.

• Time to get Mist-y eyed, Seattle - here comes your lingerie football team!

• One-time one-legged sports sensation Carl Joseph finally gets some recognition, as he’s elected to the Florida High School Athletic Hall of Fame.

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Seattle Lingerie Football Team Practices For Public

Good news, Seattle fans! Your dreary days of a sad sports landscape will soon be over. The Seahawks make you sour? The Mariners make you miserable? The lack of Sonics make you feel lousy? No matter - because here comes the Seattle Mist!

Seattle Mist

No, it’s not the newest flavor from Jones Soda (although that does sound delicious), but one of the newest franchises of the Lingerie Football League (which also sounds delicious). And today’s a lucky day for you Seattle-area football fanatics, as the Mist will be holding their first practice - and it’s open to the public!

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