Jenna Jameson Proud Of Her Twins. And Babies.

Jenna Jameson & Tito Ortiz are the proud parents of twin baby boys.

Jenna Jameson Proud Of Her Twins

• New disturbing details of the missing NFL boaters situation - survivor Nick Schuyler said the others “freaked out”, and one started throwing punches.

• If more American players keep getting hurt in the WBC, Davey Johnson is taking his baseballs and going home.

• Green may be great for the Boston Celtics’ jerseys, but it’s not so fun for the other 29 NBA teams.

• Oh, Sean Williams, can’t you go anywhere without getting arrested?

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Nets’ Sean Williams Just Can’t Stay Out Of Trouble

Current New Jersey Nets & former Boston College forward Sean Williams seems to have a tough time making the right decisions in his life. There was his time in college when Williams was kicked off of the campus and the basketball team for a whole myriad of offenses, including smoking some of the demon weed. Williams was even arrested when he tried to go back on campus just last month, even though it’s been a few years since he attended the school. After Williams was kicked out of BC the first time, he decided to enter the NBA Draft to the confusion of many an NBA expert, but he did end up getting drafted by the New Jersey Nets, so it sort of worked out. Now Williams spends his time firmly entrenched on the Nets bench.

Sean Williams Mugshot

This leaves him with plenty of free time to pursue his other interests in life, outside of basketball. There are a whole lot of crimes out there for Sean to get arrested for, and now he has the time to commit them. He’s already been able to cross trespassing off of his “To-Do” list so now Williams has taken the next logical step in the evolutionary chain of criminality (I may have just made that up). He’s throwing computers around inside of mall cellphone stores.

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Recap: All-Out Basket Brawl Breaks Out In ‘Bama

• Hot tempers flare at a high school playoff game, as a basketbrawl breaks out in ‘Bama.

Georgia High School Basketball Brawl

Sean Williams learns you can’t go home again - or the Boston College campus police will arrest you for trespassing.

• The rest of Tracy McGrady’s season with the Rockets has been aborted.

• Reason #54,762 the minors are better than the majors: Free food for the kiddies - for all the kids, all year long!

• Another sign of the struggling economy: Tickets for the ACC tournament are going to be sold to the general public for the first time in 42 years.

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NBAer Invited To Game, Is Cuffed For Trespassing

It hasn’t been a fantastic last year or so for New Jersey Nets rookie forward Sean Williams. Sure, he was drafted 17th overall in the NBA this past summer, but, um, it was by the Nets, so that sucks. New Jersey is currently 24-30 on the season and not a serious threat for the postseason this season or in the near future. Not only that, but pundits were a little surprised Williams had gone that early, considering he had been kicked off the BC campus, then the basketball team for sundry offenses, not the least of which was enjoying that hippie lettuce. Plus he’s barely even playing.

No Trespassing
(Had it only been this obvious.)

But all that disciplinary history’s just that, right? Certainly, all is forgiven and forgotten if Williams is invited back to the epic BC-Duke game last weekend as a “VIP Guest,” right? What’s that? Oh, he’s still banned from campus? Under penalty of arrest? Oh, this is going to get awkward. Read more…