Lions Retire Smith’s Number — For One Year Only

You figured the Lions would do something to honor the memory of Corey Smith, who went missing off Florida on Feb. 28. On cue, they’ve announced they’re retiring his number. Here’s the rub; they’re “retiring” it in the Brett Favre sense of retiring.

Corey Smith

So in 2009 no Lion will wear number 93. But in 2010, the number will be wide open again! Since no one wears it now, this means … absolutely nothing. Leave it to Detroit to put together a tribute that’s part inspiring, part insulting.

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Arrington Calls Former Coach Gibbs a “Coward”

Post-football life for a ex-NFL player is a time to finally relax. While their careers end at a relatively young age, their bodies, like porn stars, have taken on an extraordinarily amount of mileage in a short period of time, leaving them hobbled with arthritic knees and stiff wrists, also like porn stars. So it’s common for most of them to just kind of take it easy and live out their golden years quietly. Thank God that’s not the case for former Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington, who still has plenty left to say.

LaVar Arrington on SI Cover

In a compelling read over at THE WASHINGTON TIMES, we’re taken through what Arrington has been up to in the 2+ years since his career was ended by a combo Achilles tendon explosion/motorcycle wreck. After discussing his latest string of eateries and other entrepreneurial ventures, he opens up about his football life, specifically by talking hilarious trash about Dan Snyder and Joe Gibbs.

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Steeler Fined $5K For Small Tribute To Sean Taylor

I know that the NFL gets some heat for handing out fines for rules that some folks think don’t make a whole lot of sense or are just plain silly. But I, for one, am glad that the league isn’t putting up with any garbage. Next think you know, people will be running around willy-nilly creating subtle, non-intrusive tributes to their murdered friends, and we just can’t have that.

Ryan Clark Steelers

Steelers safety Ryan Clark is the latest guilty party, busted for trying to pay respect to his friend Sean Taylor by radically modifying his uniform. Wait, he did what? And he got fined $5,000? Oh, come on, Goodell.

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Autopsy Details Revealed In Taylor Shooting Death

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reveals autopsy details from the shooting death of Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor.

Sean Taylor Washington Redskins

According to the autopsy report, the bullet that killed Taylor “ripped first through his right leg and then the left, and possibly came from a 9mm handgun.”

Besides the bullet wounds and “a small abrasion on Taylor’s right biceps,” no other injuries were found on his body. Toxicology tests also revealed that there were no drugs in Taylor’s system.

Further details are found after the jump.

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Blog-O-Rama: Volleyball Vixen Rachel Wacholder

• RANDBALL spikes over a nice sit-down chat with pro beach volleyball vixen Rachel Wacholder.

Rachel Wacholder

• SI’s EXTRA MUSTARD informs us that for only $10,000, Barry Sanders & Terrell Davis will come by and eat all your Super Bowl snacks.

• You can have your Memphis & Kansas - THE ANGRY T is rooting for the New Jersey Institute of Technology to complete their own perfect season.

• EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY is Bullish on South Florida visiting Notre Dame in 2011.

Jenn Sterger South Florida Bulls Fan

The big question is: When will Jenn Sterger be showing up in South Bend?

• DEEP SOUTH SPORTS doesn’t take kindly to SPORTSLINE’s Gregg Doyel arguing about Archie Manning overshadowing his boys.

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Sean Taylor Jersey Sales Up 180 Percent Since Death

SEAN TAYLOR JERSEY ONLY REDSKINS STUFF SELLING WELL: It’s a shame when the only way your team can sell any merchandise is when a player dies:

Sean Taylor jersey

WASHINGTON BUSINESS JOURNAL reports that sales of Sean Taylor’s jersey have jumped more than 180 percent since the shooting death of the Redskins safety.Fans have been hitting the stores and going online to buy Taylor’s #21 jersey. And sadly, it seems to be the only Redskins apparel that’s selling.

A manager for a DC-area sports store explained, “If there was any shift (in sales), it was for the Sean Taylor jersey. We had a lot of people crying about the Sean Taylor jersey, not Redskins stuff.”

Dan Snyder Jason Campbell Redskins

We hope this doesn’t give Dan Snyder any murderous ideas about pumping up purchases of Jason Campbell jerseys.

Redskins Safety Sean Taylor Voted To Pro Bowl Posthumously

SEAN TAYLOR VOTED TO PRO BOWL AFTER SHOOTING DEATH After being shot & killed at his home, Redskins safety Sean Taylor was posthumously voted to the Pro Bowl:

Sean Taylor Redskins

YAHOO! SPORTS passes out the rosters for the February all-star extravaganza in Honolulu, including the salute to the late Washington defensive back.Taylor was already a leading vote-getter before being shot at his Miami home and dying of his wounds last month. Sean is the first player to make an all-star team after his death since 1986, when Flyers goalie Pelle Lindbergh was voted to the NHL All-Star game 3 months after dying in a car accident.

In less morbid news, Dallas led all teams with 11 players elected to the NFC squad, while New England had 8 players placed on the AFC team.

Brett Favre quilt

Brett Favre will be starting for the NFC in his 9th Pro Bowl appearance. It’s the first time the Green Bay QB will be at Aloha Stadium since 2003.Curiously, 10-4 Jacksonville doesn’t have any Jaguars heading for Hawaii. Guess 10 wins in the AFC doesn’t go as far as it used to.

Miami Police Pick Up Three Men For Questioning In Sean Taylor Fatal Shooting

SOMEONE BRAGGING ABOUT #21′S WEALTH LED TO CRIME? The MIAMI HERALD reports “Miami-Dade detectives have detained two teenagers and a man in his 20s in Lee County for questioning in the death of Washington Redskins football star Sean Taylor. Investigators believe the young men learned of Taylor’s house through someone who unwittingly set up the burglary by bragging about the football star’s wealth.

Sean Taylor And Daughter Jackie

The suspects include 17- and 19-year-olds and a 26-year-old. All hail from the Fort Myers area. Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents and at least two Miami-Dade homicide squads have been in Fort Myers and they picked up the young men Friday morning.“We wouldn’t want to be that “someone” right about now.

Sean Taylor Surviving Girlfriend Was Andy Garcia Niece

NOW IF ONLY HE COULD’VE SAVED US FROM GODFATHER III The MIAMI HERALD reports that the girlfriend of Sean Taylor, who survived the shooting that resulted in Taylor’s death, is the niece of actor Andy Garcia.

Andy Garcia

Jacqueline Garcia survived the attack on Taylor that left him dead. The couple’s daughter also made it through unscathed, and actor Garcia claims that Taylor was the reason: “His heroic action on that tragic night saved their life and is a testament to his humanity and courage.”We’re not denying that Taylor acted in the proper way to save his wife and daughter, but our question is, if Taylor had moved out of Miami, would any of this had happened?

CNN Sean Taylor Graphic Gaffe Rankles Hugh Chavez

CNN SEAN TAYLOR GRAPHIC GAFFE RANKLES HUGO CHAVEZ VOICE OF AMERICA reports that Venezuela’s garden variety mass murderer, Hugo Chavez, “has called for an investigation into U.S.-based CNN, saying the news network was seeking his assassination after its Spanish-language channel ran an image of him next to a caption that read, ‘Who killed him?’

Hugo Chavez

CNN later claimed, earlier this week, that text for the image “had been meant for a story about Washington Redskins football star Sean Taylor, who died Tuesday in Florida of a gunshot wound.“But logic and truth never stops Chavez, who still called CNN’s mistake deliberate and “accused the network of possibly seeking to “instigate a political assassination.