Hawaii Hoping For Big BCS Financial Windfall

HAWAII HOPING BIG BCS BUCKS HELPS FOOTBALL FUNDS: With a win over Washington on Saturday, Hawaii hopes to land in a BCS bowl spot and get all the BCS money that comes with it - money the financially-strapped program could use:

Hawaii WAC champs

The HONOLULU ADVERTISER reports that of the top 12 teams in the BCS rankings, Hawaii ranks last in football revenues. While the Warriors netted $7.5 million last year, schools like Ohio State and Georgia brought in over $60 million to help fund their gridiron programs.It doesn’t help that on game days at Aloha Stadium, the only money the Warriors make is on ticket sales. As State Rep. Mark Katai points out, “None of the beer, none of the hot dogs, none of the parking revenue. Many other schools have their own facilities and generate a lot of revenue from that.”

Aloha Stadium

Lack of funds also means lack of upkeep to practice fields. During Friday’s game against Boise State, Hawaii officials were embarrassed when ESPN commentators Sean McDonough and Chris Spielman called the school’s facilities “shabby” and “shameful”.But a BCS trip can help Hawaii soothe some of their money woes. Last year, fellow WAC member Boise State earned $4.5 million for their Fiesta Bowl appearance.

Hawaii trees

With victory against the Huskies, the green on Oahu will be more than the lush tropical vegetation.