Brandon Jennings & the N—- in His Neighborhood

Brandon Jennings has not been shy about blazing his own way.  After starting at Compton Dominguez High School (which has its own problems recently), he transferred to basketball powerhouse Oak Hill Academy for graduation.   He took the Tim Floyd college path, signing up with USC and then Arizona for college before failing the entrance exam and heading to Europe for his forced sabbatical before the 2009 NBA Draft.

Eddie Murphy

(No, it was a different word…)

Therefore, no one should show a bit of shock that Jennings has shown a penchant for holding strong opinions and then sharing them through the Interwebs.  That’s why the newest Buck’s latest words about his “n****” Scott Skiles, those “n*****” Knicks fans, and the “bum-a** n****” Like Ridnour. (Hey, he wasn’t going to learn more English in Greece during his winter abroad.)

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Speed Read: Your MRI Machine Is Ready, Mr. Oden

Yup, Greg Oden hurt his foot less than three minutes into his first regular season game against the Lakers. That’s not a punchline to a joke, but the sad truth. He played through the first half before throwing in the towel. ESPN.COM reports that Oden suffered a mid-foot sprain, which sounds like a made up injury you would use to get out of work, but apparently you can get if you are made out of peanut brittle.

Greg Oden

Not that Oden was tearing the joint up. His stat line for the game: 0-4 from the field and five rebounds in 13 minutes.  Which puts him about on par with the rest of the Blazers, as they were thumped by Los Angeles 96-76. As for Oden…he has a trip to the MRI machine scheduled for later today, or as he calls it, “The Mother Ship.”

Derrick Rose

Having a much better NBA debut was Derrick Rose, who scored 11 points and had nine assists as the Bulls stuck it to their ex-coach Scott Skiles by beating the Bucks 108-95. Meanwhile, that clanging you heard in Boston was LeBron James rattling free throws all over the place against the Celtics. He missed four of eight free throws, all in the fourth quarter, and Cleveland fell 90-85.

Here’s some more of last night’s news, but be forewarned: Bud Selig says that he has the power to suspend this after six links.

Gary Danielson and Colt McCoy

  • CBS analyst Gary Danielson thinks that Texas runs a “junk offense” and that Georgia’s Matthew Stafford would be putting up Colt McCoy-type numbers in that offense, says the AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN. No SEC homerism there at all.
  • The man who saved the NBA during the lockout in 1999, according to the DETROIT NEWS? Not David Stern. Not Billy Hunter? Nope, it was Michael Curry.
  • Relax, says the DENTON RECORD-CHRONICLE: it turns out that those 15 North Texas football players tested positive for recreational drugs, not steroids. Which is great, because we wouldn’t want their run at an 0-12 season to be tainted.
  • The AP has a tip for Eli Manning - don’t let the defense read your lips when you call a play on fourth down. It kind of helps them know what to do.
  • The SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS estimates that only 20,000 people will be on hand to see Stanford take on Washington State this Saturday, even though the Cardinal are 3-0 at home this year and fighting for a bowl berth.
  • Even after having beaten the Chargers in a thriller on Sunday, the NEW ORLEANS TIMES-PICAYUNE says that Saints coach Sean Payton was less than thrilled with the experience of playing in London.
  • The BOSTON GLOBE reports that Patriots’ nose tackle Vince Wilfork is going to be getting called to the Principal’s office - in this case NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell - for his blow to the head of Broncos’ QB Jay Cutler. Wait, I thought the Patriots were perfect schoolboys who never, ever committed any penalties?
  • Will the expansion Seattle Sounders get more from signing Swedish star Freddie Ljungberg than the LA Galaxy did from David Beckham? Arash Markashi of SI.COM thinks so.
  • Why would Isiah Thomas apparently continue to lie about his alleged sleeping pill overdose? The local police chief speculates to NEWSDAY it might be because of his contract. “If he takes drugs or whatever they may not owe him the $18 million. I have no idea.”
  • Remember when Joe Tiller said that Rich Rodriguez was a “snake oil salesman” after Purdue lost a big recruit to Michigan? The DETROIT FREE-PRESS says that there’s really no bad blood there. Really.

What will be Greg Oden’s next injury to knock him out of action?

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Sampson Back In B-Ball, Bags Bucks Assistant Job

Looks like Kelvin Sampson can stop calling up employment agencies. The former Indiana head coach has apparently agreed to become an assistant with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Kelvin Sampson NBA Phone

The AP reports that a person “with knowledge of the hiring” says that Sampson will soon be serving on Scott Skiles’ staff. The source spoke on the condition of anonymity because Kelvin hasn’t signed a contract yet.

But once Sampson puts his John Hancock on a new deal, he’s scheduled to be joined by other former court generals who’ll be in backup roles on the Bucks’ staff. Read more…

A First: Your Official Text Messenger Of The NBA

Disgraced former Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson has found his services much in demand in the professional circuit since resigning from the Hoosiers in February after being charged for five major recruiting violations.

Kelvin Sampson NBA Phone

First, the Spurs brought him on in a consulting role for two months. Now new Milwaukee Bucks coach Scott Skiles is looking at Sampson to join his staff as an assistant, according to ESPN. Read more…

Blog-A-Roni: Tyson Can’t Punch Out Quick Promo

• YOU BEEN BLINDED has some good news for commercial announcers - Mike Tyson won’t be taking your job anytime soon.

Mike Tyson

• The TORONTO GLOBE & MAIL reports that the CFL’s Argonauts have become a halfway house for another NFL problem player. This time it’s David Boston.

• WE ARE THE POSTMEN hopes new Bucks coach Scott Skiles enjoys his time in Milwaukee - since many sports folks don’t seem to.

• 100% INJURY RATE finds Rasheed Wallace jokingly joining the Sixers’ team huddle - then missing the potential game-tying shot.

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Isiah, General, Skiles To Replace IU’s Coach Kel?

We’re enjoying the speculation over who will likely take over for Kelvin Sampson after the guillotine soon drops (presumably before the Snorg girl gets a piece of the action).

Indiana Kelvin Sampson Tshirts Signs

One of the great things about the NYC/BOS/PHI/DC media corridor is how it manufactures controversy and intrigue. And how it sometimes can influence actual events.

So with that in mind, we read a suggestion from NEWARK STAR-LEDGER NBA writer Michael Obernauer with amusement today. Read more…

Reinsdorf: Scott Skiles Was Asking For It, Literally

Scott Skiles

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that during an interview being aired today on WGN-TV in Chicago, Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf intimated that former coach Scott Skiles basically asked to be fired.

Reinsdorf, who gassed the man who had taken up the mantle of best combover in Illinois since Lou Henson, said, “Something didn’t mesh right this year. Scott came to us eventually and said, ‘I think the team needs a new voice.’ … Scott realized that he wasn’t getting through to them. It was time to do something else.

That might be true, but do you think Skiles wanted to be canned on Christmas Eve? Read more…

Gilbert Arenas: Digs Olympic Gold Over NBA Ring

Gilbert Arenas has a new blog entry at this week, and writes, “I’d rather have an Olympic gold medal than an NBA ring, to be honest. I’m one of the only American basketball players that feel that way.”

Baby Dream Team

One of the only? Or the only?

The last three Olympics for the United States have been a complete debacle expressly because of the non-participation of the best NBA players. So Arenas’ admission is refreshing to say the least. Too bad you can’t count on a single NBA All-Star to share his sentiment.

Arenas also claims he knows why Scott Skiles was fired.

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Lee, Rock, Sharpton Show Their Support For Isiah

The NEW YORK TIMES notes that not everyone wants Isiah Thomas kicked from the Knicks:

Al Sharpton Spike Lee Chris Rock

During New York’s latest loss to the Lakers, Spike Lee, Chris Rock, and Al Sharpton all spoke of their support for the scandalized coach.

Lee wants the team to Do The Right Thing and hold on to Thomas: “I don’t think Isiah should be fired. Not now.”

Meanwhile, Rock doesn’t want Knicks owner James Dolan to play Scrooge: “I’m not calling for anybody to lose their job, especially around Christmas.”

(Tell that to Scott Skiles.)

And Sharpton made this comparison: “Let me ask you this: The Secretary General of the U.N. was sitting near me. Do we fire him because we don’t have world peace? I mean, come on.”

Al Sharpton mic point

Besides, if the Knicks do ice Isiah, we’re sure the good reverend will hold rallies and call for boycotts. He’s gotta stay in the public eye, you know.

Despite the on-and-off-court-woes, the Times points out that the Knicks are still the NBA’s most valuable franchise, worth over $600 million. Even though the team hasn’t had a winning season since 2000-01, the Knickerbockers still managed to take in almost $200 million in revenues last year.

Knicks fans protest

While the Knicks’ struggles may be upsetting the fans, it’s not keeping them from Madison Square Garden.

One fan had railed, “When a team is not performing well in a market as big as New York, it’s unacceptable.” But when asked if he would stop going to the games, he quickly answered, “No, absolutely not.”

Seems like the Knicks have adopted the Cubs’ business model.