Reporter Gets Smacked In Boob During Interview

Seems like everyone’s getting in on the prank game these days. While watching an interview take place between Phillies legend Gary Matthews and NBC reporter Dawn Timmeney, Scott Palmer, the Director of Public Affairs for the Phillies, thought he might play a little prank on the pair. The plan was to gently toss a baseball to the Sarge after the interview, presumably giving him a hilarious heart attack in the process. Unfortunately, Palmer misjudged his aim a bit and ended up hitting the female reporter in the boob.

Dawn Timmeney Gary Matthews

THE FIGHTINS have the story, but the whole thing just seems more disappointing than anything else. Sure, a boob-knock is fun and all, but my oh my, this could have been so much more hilarious. A hit in the cranium, for instance. Or a smack to Sarge’s crotch. But, alas, the Prank God didn’t feel it was right to reward us with such a moment of brilliance. Instead, we must be satisfied with an ample boob bounce.

The disappointing video is after the jump.

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