Recap: Poker Player Charged With Killing Parents

• A debt-ridden professional poker player is arrested for killing his parents in an attempt to get at his inheritance sooner than scheduled.

Ernest Scherer II poker

Jonathan Papelbon has a premonition that he isn’t long for this world.

• Isn’t there anyone who wants to stay #1 in college basketball?

• A 45-year-old Ohio man loses 200 pounds on his way to becoming a college wrestler.

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Sports Radio Host Sentenced To 5 Years For Fraud

We know that people don’t really come to SbB for the public service announcements, and that’s all right. We get it. If people wanted to be lectured to about sports all day long, Outside The Lines would have massive ratings and be not tedious at all. All that said, though, we have to make one thing totally clear to our readers: Never commit monetary fraud. Ever. It’s a cinch to prove and prosecute, it carries unholy federal penalties, and it’s the sort of thing potential employers just might raise an eyebrow over.

Scott McKinney

(The friendliest money stealer in all of Florida!)

Sadly, our advice comes too late for Scott McKinney, former host of SOUTHERN SPORTS TONIGHT, a sports radio show in Memphis. You may recall that he was busted for selling more than 100% of the shares to his show, then using the extra cash on himself, which apparently you can’t do. (Legally, anyway.) Well, it’s time for the sentencing, and the judge was extraordinarily unimpressed with McKinney’s shenanigans, giving him the maximum allowable sentence for the charges he copped to in the plea deal. Grease your ass, McKinney, because according to THE CLARION-LEDGER, it’s about to get rough: Read more…

Busted Radio Host Set For Prison Sports Tonight

Usually, the main complaint against a sports talk show host is that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about … or that he’s biased against certain teams or players … or that he’s simply an egotistical, loudmouth jerk. But Charles “Scott” McKinney of 98.1 The Ticket in Fort Walton Beach, FL, managed to rack up some more serious complaints - such as fraud, theft and racketeering.

Busted radio host Scott McKinney

(Really looks like he upgraded that equipment, huh?)

The SANTA ROSA PRESS GAZETTE reports that McKinney will serve at least a year in prison after being convicted of bilking investors in his “Southern Sports Tonight” radio show out of more than $100,000. And for good measure, he also stole his ex-fiance’s credit card and ran up charges to the tune of $10,000.

But is that enough to get him fired from his job?

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