The More Scot Pollard Eats, The More He Tweets

Dear Scot,

Scott Pollard: The More He Eats, The More He Tweets

Next time wait ’til I’m out of the line at the Coffee Bean.

- b

Week In Review: Angels’ Adenhart Dies In Crash

• A very tough week for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: Pitcher Nick Adenhart dies in a hit & run car accident caused by a drunk driver, just days after a fan dies from a post-game fight in an Angel Stadium stairwell.

Nick Adenhart Brian Powers

(Left - Nick Adenhart; Right - Fight victim Brian Powers)

Cheryl Miller wasn’t pleased that Scot Pollard was late for their NBA TV show, and she wasn’t afraid to use the airtime to air her grievances.

• ESPN reporter Shelley Smith takes a misstep at a Detroit bar during the Final Four.

• Fans fighting while their team’s championship banner is being raised, and booing while World Series rings are given out? Must be Philadelphia.

• A former Gonzaga women’s basketball star-turned-high school softball coach gets zagged for having sex with one of her 16-year-old players.

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Cheryl Miller Not Pleased w/Pollard’s TV Tardiness

• NBA TV analyst Cheryl Miller layeth the smack down on Scot Pollard for showing up to their program late.

Cheryl Miller Scot Pollard

(”Mechanical aircraft problems, my ass!”)

• Maybe MLB should schedule their Opening Days in warmer climates.

• Is giving a restaurant a bad review really worth an MMAer beatdown?

• Did Manny Ramirez do steroids? Jose Canseco says there’s a “90%” chance he did.

Lenny Dykstra isn’t such a shrewd businessman, after all.

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Scot Pollard Rubs Cheryl Miller The Wrong Way

If you’re not watching NBA TV, you should probably…well, you should probably continue not watching it, and just wait for the YouTube clips of the good stuff. And this is definitely good stuff.

Cheryl Miller and Scot Pollard

Cheryl Miller took offense to co-analyst Scot Pollard missing the pregame and halftime shows due to “mechanical problems” with his flight. When he shows up for the postgame show, and blames the mechanical problems on the weight of his championship ribg, well, Miller pretty much loses her s**t on live TV. See video of why TNT might have found its designated crazy replacement if Barkley relapses, after the jump.

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