Iverson Takes Choice Parting Shots At The Pistons

With his one-year, $3.1 million deal with Memphis tucked in his shirt pocket, Allen Iverson celebrated his fresh beginning in the traditional way: By blasting his former team. And his vitriolic quotes come to us courtesy of … wait for it … Scoop Jackson. This makes us very happy here at SbB, because a day including Scoop and AI is always a good day.

Allen Iverson

In short, Iverson is peeved that he had to come off the bench for the Pistons, says that the coaching staff lied to him about his potential role with the team, and most amazingly of all, said that if he didn’t accept that role, he was warned that the team would “lie down” on him. You know, when most people leave a place of employment, there’s a party in the lunch room with some cake. That was too much to hope for? Read more…

OK, Scoop Jackson Has Officially Lost His Mind

On the list of things I think about on a regular basis, “What if Brett Favre were a woman?” is not in the top … well heck, it’s not on the list at all. But Scoop Jackson, he’s got another list entirely. In a development which will make you long for the good old days when this site featured a ban on all Favre mentions, we have this: Scoop’s latest ESPN Page 2 column. Warning: It’s about four different kinds of crazy.

The column begins: “If he were a woman …” and it only gets stranger from there. I’m pretty sure I know the point Scoop is trying to make: If a woman took this long to make up her mind, boy, she’d never get away with that! But the problem is, that notion is barely interesting enough to support one sentence, let alone an entire column.

Read more…