Brog: The Other Golic Loses a Mike Greenberg

For a time I worked at now-defunct KMPC-AM in Los Angeles, which was an all sports outlet in Los Angeles that also served as the USC football and basketball flagship. Former Cleveland Brown and L.A. Raider nose tackle (and Saved By The Bell cast member!) Bob Golic co-hosted the pm drive show on the station with Chris Myers, and I often filled in on the show, appearing on-air with Golic.

Bob Golic Loses 140 pounds in 8 months

It was kinda cool working with Bob, considering I grew up in a Notre Dame family (dad, brother, cousins are alums). I remember well watching him outwit Earl Campbell and the Texas Longhorns in the Cotton Bowl as middle linebacker of the 1978 national champion Fighting Irish.

Even before I worked with him, I always thought Golic had the potential to be a solid sports talk guy, like his brother Mike. But at KMPC, Bob never really seemed to bring the daily intensity needed for the job. I often thought to myself during that time that perhaps Golic’s weight was a factor. Bob was huge, and always seemed to be tired, on and off-air. So I was happy to recently see that Golic, who has since located back to the Cleveland area, has dropped 140 pounds in eight months! The local media is all over the story, both print and electronic (scroll down).

The best part? Unlike his brother Mike, who looks like he lost about 25 lbs for a Nutrisystem endorsement by eating sawdust cereal for a week (and then gaining it all back?), Bob apparently dropped the lbs on his own. (So we’re spared the on-air, slow-motion horseplay with sansabelted Dan Marino.) Read more…

Brog: Rarest Of MLB Species - Porn Free Players

In case you don’t know it, SbB is based in Los Angeles and most of our writers also emanate out of the west coast.

Earthquake City Scene

(View from my eighth story apt. building ok maybe not)

In the aftermath of today’s 5.4, everyone, at least from what I can tell, survived to write another day. It was also a relief to know that I had my trusty Los Angeles earthquake survival kit handy, which includes a flashlight, candles, fresh water and a good book to curl up with.

It’s rather ironic that here in the shadow of Hollywood, the L.A. TIMES and DAILY NEWS employ nary a gossip. The closest thing is probably T.J. Simers, and Daulerio at DEADSPIN spots this quote from Jeff Kent in today’s T.J.: “I don’t hang out with the guys — never have. I don’t go out drinking, look at porn, have a girlfriend or get divorced — so I’m selfish.”

He doesn’t hang out with guys? And to think TMZ’s quasi-homeless camera crew has been camped outside Rage in WeHo waiting all this time for the longtime second sacker.

And Kent doesn’t look at porn, either? Perhaps that means he’s got something in common with Marlins closer Kevin Gregg when in comes to an aversion for adult entertainment.

Or at least I think he does, if the following strange sports radio exchange involving Gregg is any indication. Read more…

Brog: SbB Ready To Hit The Hollywood Club Scene

It was a long weekend shooting new SbB Girl Whitney. When I do those all-day shoots, 2-3 days in a row, I completely lose track of what’s going on in the spritely world of athletic endeavor. Not that that’s a bad thing. It’s actually my personal antidote for Beijing and Brett Favre fatigue.

SbB Girl Whitney And Brooks

(Whitney and Mr. Happy)

With my recent move from Miami back to L.A. and all the shooting I’ve been doing, my weekends have been wrecked of late. So I’m going to take this weekend off and do something I haven’t done in many a moon - hit the Hollywood clubs. I’m really looking forward to checking out the latest Lipstick City scene, reconnect with old acquaintances, and most importantly, assist Ronny Turiaf and Ron Artest in getting past the bouncers.

Lisa Lipps J.A. Adande Buffy The Sportswriter Slayer

Now I’ve got plenty of friends who promote for clubs, so I’ve got the inside track on admission to many of L.A.’s hot spots. But as everyone who is anyone in this town knows, if you want to truly make the scene here, there’s only one man to call: J.A. Adande. Don’t believe me? Ask them. Read more…

Brog: Bringing You Another SbB Aesthetic Delight

Another photo of new SbB Girl Whitney - shot last weekend:

SbB Girl Whitney

More photos of her coming this week. And yet another new SbB Girl coming next week. That’s three in three weeks, for those of you scoring at home.

I have a full, slightly less aesthetically pleasing Brog coming later today.

Brog: Proudly Presenting New SbB Girl Whitney

I spent all day Friday shooting new SbB Girl Whitney. First photo:

SbB Girl Whitney

More to come.