Wendy’s White Sox Still Trampling On My Royals

In the last two days, SbB Girl Wendy and I have been knee-deep in the two time-honored traditions Kansas City is famous for: Sick BBQ and watching the Royals lose.

Wendy with Chicago White Sox Fans in Kansas City

(Dude, like we didn’t see you sneak that celly snap?)

Already in the first two games of a three game set, the Chicago Pierzynskis, have had the courtesy to wipe their feet on everybody’s favorite MLB doormat, the Royals.

So what do beleaguered KC baseball fans do when they host beautiful women from Chicago and then see the home team embarrassed by a Cook County club whose owner possesses the most impressive combover this side of Don Rickles?

Why … take her to a BBQ joint that doubles as a gas station, of course! Read more…

Gotta Hurry Up & Post This, I Need To Go Drink

So I’m back in my hometown, Cowtown, with SbB Girl Wendy. In case you don’t know, Wendy is a raging, closet masochist. In other words, she’s a White Sox fan.

Brooks And SbB Girl Wendy At Kauffman Stadium In Kansas City

We met up at The K this weekend for a turd baseball stew brewed up by the going-nowhere White Sox and Royals. Friday, I’m happy to report my Royals didn’t let me down in the first of the three game set, as they were savaged by the Tube Socks 11-2.

We left in the sixth inning, which is pretty brutal - but if you had a choice to go out on the town with Wendy on a Friday night or watch A.J. Pierzynski take a dump on your hometown team in between bad dye jobs, what would you do?

It was my first game back to The K since I was broadcasting the games with Royals announcer Denny Matthews on KC radio in 1999 on KMBZ-AM. Read more…

Brooks Taking A Royal Expedition To Kansas City

Brooks is going to Kansas City, Kansas City here he comes. They got some pretty li’l women - and they’re about to get even prettier, as our fearless leader will be joined by SbB Girl Wendy:

SbB Girl Wendy Huge White Sox Fan

The dynamic duo plan on heading out to Kaufman Stadium this weekend to catch a couple of Royals games. Say hello to Zach Greinke for us! (He’s always good for a quip.) But beware the children’s playground area!

Brooks promises to offer us a full report later on. Stay tuned!

Texas Steers Ohio St. Toward Another BCS Defeat

• The Longhorns help rustle up yet another BCS bust by the Buckeyes.

Colt McCoy Texas Ohio State Fiesta Bowl

• We’re happy to share the sights of San Francisco with SbB Girl Wendy.

• Ex-Cub Lee Smith saves up hope that he’ll be called to the Hall of Fame.

• Speaking of the Baby Bears, will Sam Zell FINALLY sell?

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Brooks: BCS Booger Eaters Ruin Rose Bowl Fun

I went to the Rose Bowl with SbB Girl Wendy Thursday and here’s some more fun photos from the game:

FUSC Shirts Penn State fans at 2009 Rose Bowl

(Penn State fans only thing that kept me entertained throughout the day)

Not many locals (besides Cardinal and Gold Kool-Aid drinkers) whom I spoke to had any interest in attending. And after the stinkbomb dropped by Joe Paterno’s charges, Angelenos were certainly justified in their disdain for the game.

SbB Girl Wendy with Penn State fan at Rose Bowl game

(SbB Girl Wendy right before the Jack Daniels-breath contact buzz set in)

Penn State fans saved the day with their enthusiasm, so all wasn’t lost. But safe to say the atmosphere around the game would’ve been heightened considerably if we had a college football playoff. (But the BCS booger eaters will have none of that!)

USC Hottie at Rose Bowl Game

(Apparently he’s a Booty fan)

More photos after the jump. Read more…

Everything’s Turning Up Rosy For Brooks & USC

That was some exciting Rose Bowl, wasn’t it? For USC fans, yes. For the casual football fan, not really. Even though it was the only bowl game on TV in it’s time slot, it was hard to keep interested when the Trojans were up 31-7 at halftime. But least Brooks can say he had a great time at the Grandaddy of ‘em All. Not necessarily because of what he saw on the field, but what he was able to see next to him in the seats.

Brooks and SbB Girl Wendy at the 2009 Rose Bowl

SbB Girl Wendy accompanied our fearless leader to yet another Big Ten drubbing at the hands of Pete Carroll’s crew. Sure, USC won the game 38-24, but I think we all know who the really winner is here.

Brooks was able to procure his primo seats through the good folks at My Boy Barry. (Unforunately, hot SbB Girl companion may not be available in your area.)

Sbb Girl Wendy Rose Bowl ticket

Some of the Men of Troy must have knew Wendy was in attendance, which would explain why they pulled off such an impressive domination of Joe Paterno’s boys.

We figure SbB Girl Anyssa had the same effect on the UCLA Bruins in their 2006 upset of the Trojans:

SbB Girl Anyssa Rose Bowl

And SbB Girl Alex must have done it again for the Bru Crew in their Labor Day comeback against Tennessee:

SbB Girl Alex 50-yard Line UCLA Tennessee Game

(Another 50-yard-line seat provide by My Boy Barry!)

So, for all you struggling pigskin programs trying to turn your fortunes around, try to get some sensational SbB girls in your seats.

You’ll be glad you did - as will the immediate male population in & around your stadiums.

Brog: Here’s Anna Rawson’s Cell: (213) 785-7675

The MOBILE PRESS-REGISTER has a quickie profile of hottie Aussie golfer Anna Rawson.

Anna Rawson

As part of the piece assigned to P-R reporter Tommy Hicks *high five Tommy Boy*, we get this:

Rawson is the first professional golfer to establish a cell phone number her fans can call and leave messages for her. Only four weeks old, the number — 213-785-7675 — allows her fans to leave personal messages. She said she has started listening to the messages and is going to return some of the calls. She added she likes the personal touch of the cell phone contact with fans and believes it’s a more personal way to keep in touch with them than mailing an autographed photo.

When I think of LPGA fans, “personal touch” usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

So Rawson plans to return some of the calls? What’s the criteria for her call backs? Sufferer of a life-threatening disease? Honcho of a major corporation offering endorsement deal? South Korean LPGA tour member looking for English lessons?

Since Ms. Rawson went to USC, I’ve got a sure-fire way to elicit a reax: Trojans-Buckeyes tickets. (From My Boy Barry, of course.)

Speaking of hotties I’d like to touch meet personally, here’s some new photos of UTEP Bolivian baller baby Claudia Porras.

Claudia Porras

Claudia Porras large

Claudia Porras

Read more…

Brog: It’ll Be Maker’s-Free Day At Coli On Saturday

Back home in Los Angeles after my six-day skein north of the border. It rained most of my last day in Toronto with SbB Girl Wendy, so we were inside much of the day …

SbB Girl Wendy in Toronto Hotel Room

Not that I was complaining.

I’m now counting down the days to Saturday, as My Boy Barry has me ticketed inside the Coli, liveblogging the USC-Ohio State game. We’ll also have photos from the pregame tailgate, like our UCLA-Tennessee presentation, and some postgame ruminations.

Yeah, I hate to be saddled with all that responsible journo stuff that day, but I do feel the need to give you an unadulterated accounting of the what it’s really like to attend the game of that magnitude in Lipstick City so I’ll have to wait until the Oregon State game to really wade into the Maker’s.

You know that happens when you’re a celebrity, make a lot of money and surround yourself with only people who agree with you. And then agree to do an unsupervised interview with an accredited media member?

Stephon Marbury head tattoo video capture

This happens.

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Brog: Still Got a Blindside Tackle In Sunday In T.O.

So I’ve been out on the road with SbB Girl Wendy the past few days, hanging out in Montreal and Toronto. I’m trying to fly back to L.A. today, but weather may unintentionally ground my travel plans. (Thanks Gustav!)

SbB Girl Wendy in Toronto Dundas Square

(SbB Girl Wendy in Toronto (I was on trash detail))

Sunday I went to the “V” music festival in Toronto, thanks to tickets from My Boy Barry. So yea, my mind wasn’t completely on my KC Chiefs yesterday, tho I did extract perverse pleasure from see the Tom Brady injury. And my team’s accompanying, obligatory (foot)ball gag.

Noel Gallagher shoved down onstage during V Festival in Toronto

Oasis was the headline act of the festival, and about midway through the set, a fan ran onstage and shoved down the band’s guitarist-singer Noel Gallagher from behind (which is exactly one more hit than the Bengals defense made yesterday). The AFP reports today that after the show, Gallagher “was taken to hospital afterwards to be examined for a suspected fractured rib and ligament damage.” (video of the attack after the jump) Read more…

Brog: My Smoked Meat At Bar Le Stud In Montreal

I know I’ve already gone on n’ on about Montreal’s culinary delights, but Saturday, besides being enraptured by Frank Beckmann’s Michigan-Miami (OH) calls on my rental car Sat radio, I did what most Montrealers do on an idle, early September Samedi:

Montreal Food, Poutine, Smoked Meat Sandwich, Bagel at Bar Le Stud

Watch tennis at Bar Le Stud while gnawing on smoked meat sandwiches and bagels - and polishing it off with some angioplasty-inducing Poutine. Oh yeah, and hang out with SbB Girl Wendy: Read more…