‘L.A. Live’ Is Spiffy, But Doesn’t Beat NFL Stadium

Thanks to My Boy Barry, I went to a Lakers game last week with SbB Girls Colene, Denise and Natasha.

SbB Girls Colene Denise Natasha Outside Staples Center

(Tash, Denise and Colene should’ve gotten the $5M instead)

It was kind of a blah game against the Wizards, but it was Colene and Natasha’s first Lakers game, and it gave me the chance to check out the new downtown L.A. development called L.A. Live.

SbB Girls Colene Denise Natasha Inside Staples Center

(For tickets to all Staples Center and Nokia Theatre events, use my source)

L.A. Live is an area just north of Staples Center that features shopping, restaurants and a new, badass Ritz-Carlton hotel. AEG was behind the build, and Tim Leiweke & Co. did a fabulous job.

SbB Girls Natasha Denise And Colene

(Photo Links To SbB Lovelies Natasha, Denise, Colene)

Initially I heard that L.A. Live was being modeled after Times Square, which of course had us all thinking the same thing: Tacky. (Just ask most New Yorkers.) Thankfully AEG thought upscale, with some high-end food outlets, an ESPN Zone, The Ritz, and the absolutely gorgeous Nokia Theatre. Read more…

Brog: Erin Andrews’ How-To On ‘Caress Me Down’

Interesting photo (with my goofy inset) of Erin Andrews I hadn’t seen before:

Erin Andrews Kung Fu Grip

(‘Should’ve never told Tebow the interview was uncut and uncensored. Nuts!’)

Nice to see The Grip™ is back! And of course, The Grip™ takes on a whole different meaning depending on the context.

BTW, leave your own caption in the comment thread if you please.

From the I’m-Not-Making-This-Up-Dept.: SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY reports that Stats LLC today unveiled “a joint venture with Naveen Aranha, CEO of India-based Sportz Interactive, to create Stats Middle East.

The operation will be headquartered in Dubai, and the move continues a marked global expansion for the sports data provider that last year opened a European operation and also has made significant inroads into India, China and Japan.

STATS Middle East? That no doubt means President Bush is soon to be confirmed as the only man on the planet with a lower save percentage than Joe Borowski.

As you know, we’ve quite the homeless problem here on the westside of Los Angeles.

Kim Kardashian Blocks Out The Sun

And then there’s the bums.

Oh man, DEADSPIN’s A.J. Daulerio today has a deconstructive dissertation that unloads on Rick Reilly - much like Rick Majerus after unscrambling Cinemax at the local La Quinta. Read more…