Brog: ATM Machine Most Inspires Hottie Gymnast

Darren Rovell today has a video interview with American gymnast Nastia Liukin, who unwittingly provides the definitive metaphor of what the modern Olympics have become.

Nastia Liukin ATM Machine

(Another Olympic venue that also features hotties who loves ATMs)

As part of the report Rovell said, “Liukin told us that seeing her image on advertising before the games actually gave her confidence.”

Nastia Liukin

(Nastia was inconsolable after learning of those pesky ATM transaction fees)

So her Visa ads boosted her up before her Olympics appearances? Sounds a little far-fetched, until you hear the same thing come out Liukin’s mouth: “I walked into the Olympic athlete village, seeing the Visa ATM machine with my picture on it and the Chinese character saying “destiny” … for some reason it just boosted my confidence.

Liukin’s Olympic dream is inspired by an ATM machine? Perfect.

And this isn’t a case of me taking an obscure comment out of context (2,922 mentions of it at Google News!). That same ATM machine storyline has been covered by just about every media outlet, thanks to Liukin continuing to bring it up.

The whole thing is almost as ridiculous as if Nastia had her picture on a NASCAR entry whizzing around Talladega.

Nastia Liukin NASCAR

Oh, wait, she does.

Also, Liukin’s plans after her gymnastics career is over will shock you. She wants to get into “modeling and acting.

Nastia Liukin

(Nastia is ready to pounce on the myriad adult modeling opportunities sure to roll in!)

I know, I had my money on E! entertainment reporter, too.

Jorge Sedano of 790 The Ticket in Miami with yet another cool find:

Tiger Woods walks on water in EA Sports Video Game

Apparently a YouTube user recently claimed to have found a glitch in Tiger Woods’ EA Sports video game, which had Woods being able to hit the ball while standing on water. So in response, EA shot this cute reply with Woods walking on water.

Haven’t confirmed if EA concocted the whole idea out of thin air (and created a fake account to set up the spot), but it really doesn’t matter. Great idea.

Fun clip from an old SNL Olympics bit:

All Drug Olympics

Much funnier: Dennis Miller looks like Gene Simmons after a hydroxycut bender.

On NBC’s “Today” show this morning, NBC’s Meredith Vieira read this promo: “We’ve seen them run and jump and swim and tumble, but what do the Olympic athletes do behind closed doors?”

It wasn’t made immediately clear what the segment was about. Perhaps Al Roker with an investigative report on the Albanians’ flossing habits. Now when I heard the read, this is immediately what popped. Into my head, that is:

yelena isinbayeva

Russian track & field athlete Yelena Isinbayeva.

Read more…

Brog: Apparently I Still Need To Work On My Image

Too bad you missed this, like 304,232,394 other Americans, on NPR: “Bill talks with Nik Richie of and author and sportswriter Buzz Bissinger about whether bloggers should have the same responsibilities to tell the truth as journalists do.

Bluetooth hearing aid

(Maybe this will help! (nice find from SbB Girl Crystal))

Right on. “Journalists” like those at the NEW YORK POST and NEW YORK DAILY NEWS. And the LOS ANGELES TIMES. And Peter Vecsey. And Sam Smith. And … oh, never mind.

I’m posting today from an insufferably-hot Miami. This is where the legend of Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson was born - thanks largely to the public relations efforts of MIAMI HERALD columnist Dan Le Batard. Leading up to Ferguson’s appearance last Saturday on CBS, Le Batard had written (and talked) extensively about the fighter’s long and storied MMA career (all two fights of it!).

Le Batard is currently on leave from the Herald, but I was still very interested to read the paper’s take on Miami’s most-famous MMAer after the Saturday night broadcast. One problem though, the newspaper didn’t send anyone to Newark to cover the event - instead running wire copy about Ferguson’s victory. Miami’s major print outlet couldn’t send a single staffer to cover an event so touted by it’s (former) top sports voice?

Yes, there have since been pieces by Greg Cote and Barry Jackson - written from Miami. But again, wouldn’t you have thought the Herald would’ve had someone cover the event in person?

Miami Herald Doesn't Cover Kimbo Slice Fight In Person

Oh wait, we forgot. Those prohibitive flight costs. NOW we understand. Read more…