Photos: UCLA Bruin Splooged By Trojan Students

It’s USC-UCLA week which means the main statues on each campus get extra protection from vandalism. USC duct tapes the entire Tommy Trojan statue and has students stand guard round-the-clock.

SbB Girl Cecilia In Front Of Tommy Trojan Statue On USC Campus

(SbB Girl Cecilia in front of Tommy Trojan statue on USC campus)

UCLA has no such student guard patrols, and only drapes a tarp over the Bruin to prevent vandalism.

SbB Girl Jenna UCLA bruin bear hibernating

(SbB Girl Jenna next to Bruin Bear tarp on UCLA campus)

The result? The L.A. TIMES reports USC students plundered the UCLA symbol overnight, drenching it with gallons of Cardinal & Gold paint. It’s the first time I can remember the statue getting vandalized, so you know what that means: TV News choppers!

Bruin Bear Vandalized With Paint Photos

I’m happy to report that several USC fans have enthusiastically sent me more previously unseen photos of the Bruin Bear vandalized in red and yellow paint. Read more…

Week In Review: Brooks & Cecilia at the X-Games

Brooks gleams the cube, as he & SbB Girl Cecilia check out the X-Games.

Brooks and SbB Girl Cecilia At X Games

Percy Harvin regales U of Florida recruits with wild Gator tales of partying, pot smoking, and coach choking.

• Speaking of the SEC, does Matthew Stafford’s U of Georgia girlfriend have enhanced gazongas?

• Fresh off the LeBron Dunkgate comes the Tiger Woods Fartgate.

• Detroit Pistons rookie DaJuan Summers places a Twitter bet with porn star Valerie Luxe on who can get 4,000 followers the fastest.

Read more…

X Games: Not Just For Kiddos And Inked Burnouts

Less-than-chill weekend I’m still recovering from. Was holed up @ ‘The London’ boutique hotel in Hollywood and hit the clubs haaaarrrrd. Also dragged my carcass to the X Games for the first time, which like some above the age of 12 and/or those bereft of body ink, I leaned to being a possibly lame-o endeavor.

Brooks at X Games With Axe Body Spray Girls

(Axe Body Spray Girls At The X Games)

As Mike Ness would say, I was wrong.

Ryan Sheckler Crashes At X Games

(Skater Ryan Sheckler blows his ankle - no pads, no protection, nothing)

AXE Body Spray hooked up R Kid with all access to the events so I could see what was really going on, and I was damned impressed with array of competitions, and more specifically the hard-bitten, no-nonsense athletes.

SbB Girl Cecilia Ready To Go Out In Hollywood

(Last thing I saw before Grey Goose-induced blackout - but what a sight!)

Jaundiced cynic I am, but I can honestly tell you it’s worth a look in person - with our without VIP treatment. Read more…

Brooks @ The X Games From Home DePOT Center

At X Games today with SbB Girl Cecilia:

Brooks and SbB Girl Cecilia At X Games

(Don’t usually get this dirty this early in the day)

More photos and other crap coming today, including realtime Tweets from my Twitter Account.

Brog: Will Chargers’ Chambers’ Sick Vid Go Viral?

Jorge Sedano of Miami’s 790 The Ticket has your catch o’ the day:

Chris Chambers Viral NFL Commercial With Crazy Catches

Chargers wideout Chris Chambers making some sick grabs that may or may not have been digitally enhanced. I actually think not.

Went to the Maddenpalooza thing last night at the Rose Bowl. As I sit here today, I’m still wondering why the event was staged by now-faltering EA Sports. Was the evening designed to be a media event? Was it to move product? Was it to create a lively, fun environment for attendees?

From what I observed, that would be no, no and no.

Brooks Maddenpalooza

(Need to lose some lbs., so I don’t cover up that one guy - see armpit)

I went early evening, and there was less than a thousand people milling around Slick Rick’s spacious abode at that time. Musicial artists Busta Rhymes and Good Charlotte played to about 200 people on one side of the stadium turf, while a tent full of Madden-loaded plasmas sat empty beyond the opposite endzone.

Maddenpalooza NO PHOTOS!

(How to create a fun, fan-friendly environment!)

But of course, as someone who occasionally attends UCLA football games which don’t include a certain Cardinal & Gold opponent, that hollow, placid environment is nothing new for the Rose Bowl. So I felt right at home.

Busta Rhymes Maddenpalooza

(Busta Rhymes is in there …. somewhere)

Here on the westside of Los Angeles, I pass by EA Sports’ gleaming, half-empty HQs all the time. You wonder if last night’s flaccid activities are symptomatic of larger problems inside the company. Based on the sagging pre-sale of the company’s flagship product, perhaps they are.

Maddenpalooza Guerilla Marketing The Blitz

(Guerrilla Marketing at Maddenpalooza?)

More coverage of the event from Mike Tunison at DEADSPIN, who actually had the audacity to *shudder* take a photo of Warren Sapp.

Read more…

SbB Wishes Everyone A Happy & Safe 4th Of July

SbB girl Cecilia knows how to salute America on its Day of Independence:

SbB Girl Cecilia American flag bikini

Panama City Memories; Phil Likes Tafoya’s Dress

Good luck to JT tonight - but we do have a soft spot for Priscilla Presley.

SbB Girl Cecilia at Spring Break

(SbB Girl Cecilia’s brush with a former NBA great - Vinny, Keystone Light?)

• Taking a fond look back at last weekend’s Panama City excursion.

Phil Jackson puts the moves on Michele Tafoya.

• The owners of the Indiana Pacers supposedly want to give Larry the Bird.

Reggie Jackson is going, going, gone from the Yanks’ spring training dugout.

Read more…

Surviving Beer Can-Strewn Dunes Of FL Panhandle

Against our better judgement, we spent last weekend in Panama City, FL. with SbB Girl Cecilia.

Spring Break Girls

(Take a guess what the highlight of the trip was)

We’d never attended one of the obligatory Spring Break debauche-offs, but since we’re in a Florida for a patch, we gave it a shot.
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Why We Haven’t Been Writing Last Couple Days

In case you haven’t noticed we hope, we haven’t been seen much in these parts lately.

Cecilia SbB Girl

We’ve been jet-setting across the lower 48, and somehow ended up in Panama City, Fl., with an old friend (no, we’re not on interstate trash detail with Joe Francis). Read more…