UT vs. UCLA: Everybody Into the (Betting) Pool!

Ladies and gentlemen, we invite you cordially to a liveblog this evening that we’re tentatively calling the first Identity Crisis of the year: Tennessee at UCLA.  UCLA has to break in Rick Neuheisel, who’s already deep down a hole because of who he’s not (and who he’s really not) and Tennessee, who face tough scrutiny for what they are (Bloomin’ Onion sycophants).

SbB Girl Alex At Our Studio

Brooks will station himself next to SbB Girl Alex at the Rose Bowl for the game (thank you My Boy Barry!), delivering the kind of southern California atmosphere that only Brooks can provide.  Read more…

Brog: Brooks & Doro After Long Day Of Shooting

Here’s a new photo of me and SbB Girl Dorothy last week after we wrapped a shoot on the beach in Malibu:

Brooks and SbB Girl Dorothy in Malibu

Long, exciting day of college football today. My Dawgs murdered GSU, so the Sol will be flowing tonight at The Cantina (which one, dunno yet) here on Venice Beach. I’m a little melancholy, as this is really my last do-nothing summer weekend in L.A. And tomorrow, the temp is supposed to drop like a rock here (I know, boo-farking-hoo Brooks). Read more…