An Evening With a Nudie at The Playboy Mansion

I spent most of last evening at the Playboy Mansion watching boxing, observing a nude girl tiptoe through mostly spider vein-nosed, bowling-shirted attendees, and sadly, missing Bill Maher.

Yardbarker Nude Girl

(Inspiration for followup to Shaq’s Ma$$terful Kobe Rap?)

I was flummoxed by the absence of Playboy Mansion regulars Maher, Scott Baio, Jon Lovitz, Bob Saget and of course, America’s favorite mid-40s teenie stalker Pauly Shore. In consideration of that curious chasm, it was clear early on that this wasn’t the typical study in backyard debauchery for which Hef’s parties are notorious.

Chuck Liddell With Yardbarker Nude Girl

(What the hell Chuck, No chain wallet?)

But with my current condition, it was still better than spending the night wrangling with the ice machine at the Culver City Hilton Garden Inn.

So, what then was the highlight of the night? Well, that would be the one nude girl on the grounds. And for that I thank my gracious party hosts,

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