SbB’s Many Shining Moments At The ‘08 Final Four

Wow, that was some national championship game, wasn’t it?

• The best part of last night’s title tilt - spotting Greg Ostertag afterwards.

Greg Ostertag Final Four Alamodome

• With March Madness finally over, will Bill Self & John Calipari be seeking employment elsewhere?

• Overall, the Final Four rocked - even if it really didn’t hip-hop.

• And who better to ease the Memphis Tigers’ pain than Jesse Jackson?

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SbB @ Final Four: Red State Rock, Zero Hip Hop

The NCAA lined up plenty of things for us to see and do at the Final Four. Among the NCAA off-court events in San Antonio were free concerts featuring the likes of Kid Rock, Fall Out Boy and The All-American Rejects.

Kid Rock Final Four San Antonio

(Whitey McWhitefish Kid Rock performs at Final Four)

And there were dozens-more musical acts featured who you’ve probably never heard of. But curiously, there were absolutely zero* Hip Hop artists on stage at NCAA-endorsed events.

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SbB @ Final Four: Coach Cal Considering Knicks?

Some prominent Final Four figures seem very anxious to clear out today. And no, we’re not talking about escaping just San Antonio.

John Calipari to the Knicks?

NEWSDAY has a piece this morning about the possibility of John Calipari coaching the Knicks. Ken Berger writes, “Word is filtering out of the Final Four in San Antonio and Calipari has the itch to give it another go in the NBA.

Meanwhile, the DAILY OKLAHOMAN reports Self saying after the NCAA Final win over Memphis last night, “If somebody from OSU calls me, I’m gonna take the call.

Bill Self

We think he’s going to OSU. BUT, if KU would’ve lost, we think he would’ve stayed.

And Jason King of YAHOO SPORTS breaks even more news that will blow apart the hearts of KU fans … Read more…

SbB @ Final Four: The Greatest KU Jayhawk Of All

In the aftermath of KU blindsiding the Memphis Tigers last night, today we’re sure you’ll be hearing more about Bill Self’s flirtation with his alma mater, and Coach Cal’s previous insistence that that free throw thing really is overrated.

Memphis Tigers Elvis Fans Sing The Blues

(Singing the blues right about now)

We were at the game, and it was pretty damn thrilling. But not as exciting as our postgame experience.

KU's Mystery Man Final Four Alamodome

As we watched the video board play “One Shining Moment” with all the relieved (not excited) Kansas fans, we gazed up a rather tall gent wrapped in denim, boots and a ten gallon hat. Why, who could it be? Read more…

SbB Sharing Our Final Four Fun With Fox Sports

Don’t forget - live blogging of the insanity from San Antonio tonight!

• SbB is sharing our Final Four fun with the fine folks at Fox Sports.

Alamodome no beer sales

Michael Vick finds time while doing time to play some football.

Victoria Pendleton isn’t scared of bringing some sex appeal to cycling.

• The Yankees and Blue Jays apparently showed some good sportsmanship at the local strip club.

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$275 Doesn’t Include Business Class Fare To Car

We sent over a cellphone image of this view of the Alamodome Final Four court during our live blog on Saturday. Here’s a much better pic - actually three images we put together that gives you the lovely panorama from section 330 for tonight’s game:

Alamodome Final Four Worst Seats In The House

(Click here for full size image)

Seats in the section next door are still available on StubHub at $275. Read more…

SbB @ Final Four: D. Rose “Eats Like He’s Eight”

Yes, we’re still holed up in San Antonio, waiting for the Memphis-KU final tonight. We just finished a piece for called “Your unofficial guide to San Antonio.” Oddly enough, the post doesn’t include these young, lovely locals:

UTSA Dance Team

But there is a cool photo gallery for the piece, which includes the Memphis Tigers escaping to San Antonio’s Riverwalk yesterday and the SbB Girls.

Tonight, Tuffy and I will be live-blogging the game, so be sure and check back at game time, whenever that really is. As far as home court advantage for the game, we can promise you Memphis fans will be vastly outnumbered inside the Alamodome, though the remaining Carolina fans will be rooting for the Tigers.

Memphis Tigers Elvis Fan

(Speaking of stomach turners)

We like Memphis, if Derrick Rose’s upper duodenum cooperates. In case you’re unaware, the best player in the country is suffering from a Ruthian-esque tummy ache. While most have only speculated at the specific cause, Ryan Greene of the LAWRENCE JOURNAL-WORLD has the most likely reason for Rose’s delicate condition. Read more…

SbB @ Final Four: Beware Hubert Davis’ Stinkeye

Today is recovery day at the Final Four here in San Antonio. After two stinkbomb suspenseful games, everyone partied their little hearts out last night and are now paying the price (except us, of course).

Hubert Davis death glance at Final Four in San Antonio

(Hubert Davis’ deadly stinkeye - normally reserved for Digger Phelps)

As you might expect, it’s been an exceptionally exciting weekend already here in the River City, especially with all the f-list major celebrity sightings we’ve had. One of our highlights so far was catching a glance at ESPN superstar Hubert Davis after the doubleheader (we stake his hotel out for three days hoping to steal a glimpse of Hubie - paydirt!).

ESPN Radio Holds (Food) Court

(ESPN Radio holds (food) court in San Antonio at Final Four)

And thanks to our visit to the local mall, we also rubbed elbows with some of our favorite ESPN personalities. Read more…

SbB @ Final Four: Live Blog For Tonight’s Games

Tonight Tuffy will be live-blogging on SbB during the Final Four games in San Antonio. We will be at the game (got our tickets this morning, woo-hoo!). We will also provide in-game observos on the thread - from inside the Alamodome.

We’re also pleased to announce that we will be filing a piece from San Antonio for later this weekend. Of course, we’ll link it from here when it goes up.

San Antonio Coyote Ugly No Bob Huggins

We made the mistake of going out in San Antonio last night, first to Coyote Ugly. Great call, if you’re looking for the entire male contingent of Memphis fans. After blowing $10 on a cover, we quickly exited and found a better place called Medusa. No cover and it had a much better ratio, if you get our drift. A couple inadvisable shots of Jack is why you didn’t get a post last night.

We are (somewhat) happy to report that before we hit the bars, we managed to sneak into the NCAA coaches hotel . Read more…

SbB @ Final Four: Greg Anthony Needs Powder!

Just got back from some of the team *practice* sessions at the Alamodome. We watched Kansas and Memphis go through half-speed shootarounds. Thankfully, the cheerleaders and pep bands were there, which probably doubled the attendance in the building.

Final Four Alamodome Memphis Cheerleaders

(Not the first time tripods erected behind the Memphis cheerleaders)

We were a little surprised by the lack of attendance in the building. We’re guessing there were 3-4,000 folks accounted for. All the concessions were open and completely stocked - with no one to wait on (a sure sign that Rick Majerus wasn’t in the facility).

Final Four Alamodome Empty Seats

How exciting was the afternoon? The highlight of our visit, besides enjoying the view behind all those “RESERVED” seats, was seeing Greg Anthony working as an analyst for something called “CBS College Sports Network” (formerly CSTV).

Greg Anthony

We don’t watch a lot of ESPN’s NBA studio shows, so we wonder if that means he was blown out by Bristol.

Also on set: immortals Steve Lappin (what the fruck is so funny?) and Jason Williams (no leather chaps or helmet). And thankfully we’re happy to report that fan favorite Billy Packer reared his pockmarked pate on-set.

Billy Packer Final Four Alamodome

As you can see, Packer was his normal, effervescent self. Read more…