Hey Brazil: Urine For A Real Treat With MJ (Video)

What would you say if we told you somebody got Stephen Hawking, Michael Jordan, Gandhi, and King Kong together? Right, exactly, that would be the BALLINEST PARTY IN ALL OF HISTORY. And what if we told you it was in Brazil? So much the better, right?

Michael Jordan pissing in the shower
(That? That is… exactly what it looks like. It’s #23 going #1.)

So in case you don’t already think so, things are about to get weird. Because the four characters (one of whom is fictional, another of whom is dead, and a third of whom is entirely immobile and confined to a wheelchair) are in a commercial. To save the environment. By saving water. By peeing in the shower. No, really, that’s all true. Watch for yourself, below the break.

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