4 Whites Say Fball Scholarships Pulled Over Race

Two months ago Robert Wells, the former football coach at historically black university Savannah State, filed a lawsuit against the school claiming he was forced to resign on Jan. 28 because his fiancee is black.

Robby Wells, Four Players Sue Savannah State For Racial Discrimination

Wells, who is white, also noted in the complaint filed to U.S. District Court in Atlanta that the school was hurting his reputation by claiming he committed recruiting violations.

Tuesday a lawsuit against the school was filed by four white students who Wells previously recruited to SSU and promised scholarships. The four were scheduled to visit the university on Jan. 30 and 31, “to sign their letters of intent to enroll at and play football for SSU.

But after Wells resigned on Jan. 28, the students’ scholarships were apparently pulled.

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Inspirational FB Star Charged w/Shooting Girlfriend

A few months from now, we could have been talking about Javorris Jackson as one of the most inspiring rookies in the NFL. After all, he overcame serious injuries after being shot back in 2002, went through three years of grueling rehabilitation, and this past season was an honorable mention All-American as a 28-year-old senior at Savannah State. He was even on track to graduate in the fall.

Javorris Jackson

But all that is out the window now. Jackson has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder for allegedly shooting his girlfriend to death in a Detroit suburb on Sunday. He then turned the gun on himself, but survived the self-inflicted blast to his chest. His brother, Lions lineman Grady Jackson, is among those close to him who are shocked that he could do something like this.

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