Miami Dolphins Had Their Prayers Answered

PRAYERS OF FINS FANS ANSWERED WITH SUNDAY’S OT WIN: The Miami Dolphins finally won a game this year, beating Baltimore in exciting OT fashion. But was it due to divine intervention?

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Jim DeFede of CBS 4 MIAMI went around local churches and seminaries last week, asking priests and parishioners to pray for the then 0-13 Fins.DeFede soon encountered Father Jose Alvarez of the Miami Catholic Seminary. And the padre wasn’t paraphrasing when discussing the Dolphins’ dire straits:

You need a lot more than prayer at this point. Talent, good decision making, you need a lot–you need a lot.”

Alvarez further told DeFede, “I don’t think you have enough airtime to go through all of the needs the team may have.”

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But Father Jose’s pessimism may be from a slight grudge against the Dolphins. Last season, Alvarez was invited to say a prayer before games at Dolphin Stadium, noting each of his appearances resulted in a Miami win:”I’m undefeated. I have a better winning percentage than the last four or five head coaches we’ve had.”

Yet this year, Father Jose hasn’t been asked to return, for reasons unknown: “I have no idea. It’s a mystery. Maybe they are afraid of success.”

But it seems that other churchgoers stepped up to the collection plate, and prayed their way to a miracle Miami win.

But what if it was other spiritual forces that delivered the Dolphins to victory? If not God, could it be…

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