“College Day” At The Horse Track? GREAT IDEA!

Have you ever met a college student? They’re some of the most impulsive people on earth. Finally free of parental supervision and with gobs of free time on their hands, they’ll drink, fight, and screw their way in and out of problems with all the cautious self-preservation of a wolverine on cocaine.

College Day Saratoga
(This is actually real.)

One of the ways college students waste their money is by gambling, seeing as how it’s finally legal and they don’t have the common sense to realize that casinos are opulent for a reason, and it’s not so you can be extra comfortable while you get rich off blackjack or horses. But in this era of the appearances of responsibility and the “gamble with your head, not over it” moralizing from casinos, you’d think they wouldn’t go so far as to overtly cater to such a stupid, susceptible market.

But this is America, and America means freedom, and freedom means fleecing the hell out of whomever’s dumb enough to lay their money down.

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