NFLer Moss Evasive About Reportedly Taking HGH

Rick Maese of the WASHINGTON POST reports Thursday morning that Redskins wide receiver Santana Mossreceived human growth hormone from Canadian doctor Anthony Galea, according to two sources familiar with the investigation.

Santana Moss

Dan Herbeck of the BUFFALO NEWS previously reported that Canadian Doctor Anthony Galea was accused this week by U.S. Federal prosecutors of, “drug smuggling, conspiracy, lying to federal agents, unlawful distribution of human growth hormone and introducing an unapproved drug into interstate commerce.

Herbeck added, “federal prosecutors do not intend to file criminal charges against Moss or any other athlete who had dealings with the doctor.

Barry Svrluga of the WASHINGTON POST confronted Moss about his alleged connection to Galea Thursday morning. Read more…

Erin Andrews Talks To Bloggers; Smoltz Silenced

This chesty Celtics fan once tried to make Jack Nicholson look like a boob.

Erin Andrews does the unthinkable - talks with some sports bloggers.

Erin Andrews Jamie Mottram Dan Steinberg

(Jamie Mottram & Dan Steinberg check out the view)

• Scheduled shoulder surgery smushes John Smoltz’s season.

• What lady could resist the charms of a pseudo Sonics employee?

Santana Moss misses Monday practice after a 3-day birthday bacchanalia.

• Green Bay is being gorged of its local sportscasters.

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Santana Moss Misses Practice for 3-Day Birthday

We chuckled rather loudly when we heard Santana Moss couldn’t make it into practice Monday because his three-day 29th birthday party weekend took too much out of him, but we guffawed when we read the text of his confession on PRO FOOTBALL TALK:

“I told them you think you’re still young and you can still hold up, but they all know what time it was. Have to chalk it up and be ready the next day.”

Optimus Prime birthday cake

(For those of you planning for our six-week birthday celebration, make sure you create a Transformers cake as tall as us. We’ll transform it into poo for you.)

We were never in organized football, so we didn’t know what “chalk talk” was until today. We learn so much from football players! For example, we learned how to throw a three-day birthday extravaganza. First, have your wife stay in Miami with the kids while you throw the party. Check.

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Blog-O-Rama: Becks Has Trouble With The Bottle

• THE SPOILER discovers that David Beckham has a drinking problem:

David Beckham drinking problem

• DC SPORTS BOG takes in the sight & sounds of Santana Moss’ birthday extravaganza.

• DEADSPIN reports from the battlefront that Red China is facing a new invasion - by the Red Sox Nation.

• BIG LEAGUE STEW is sad to see the passing of Bo Diddley, co-star of one of the bestest sports commercials ever.

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