NFL Begging Niners, Raiders To Share New Home

If there was any question that the economic downtown is beginning to trickle down to professional sports, here’s the confirmation: The country’s most popular professional sports league, the NFL, is begging two of its franchises to share a stadium.

Al Davis
(This man and Mike Singletary in the same complex? Bedlam.)

OK, so the word they technically used was “urging.” Nonetheless, it’s a drastic step considering that the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders aren’t exactly on great terms. The SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS’s Mike Swift broke the story that the league is stepping up pressure on both teams, and views this stadium share as a potential duplicate of the way things have worked out for the Giants and Jets in New York, though talk of the project has been swirling for weeks, as we previously reported right here.

Still, while the idea might make fans of both franchises cringe, it has some serious merit, as both Swift and a report in THE SPORTING NEWS note. The teams would only have to “share” the stadium for a single preseason game every year, than a matchup between them once every four years. That’s five games every four years. No big deal.

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