Week in Review: Rihanna Bonding w/Laker Bynum

• Singer Rihanna appears to be rebounding from a rocky relationship by bouncing over to Lakers star Andrew Bynum.

Rihanna Andrew Bynum Playboy Bunny

• The Mets don’t appreciate Dwight Gooden writing on their walls.

• Thunder players are blown away at how windy Oklahoma City is.

• A high school volleyball coach is caught servicing a supermarket manager in a city park parking lot.

• What it was like covering University of Georgia gymnastics.

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Bears Wish Cutler Would Cut Down On Partying

• The Chicago Bears are concerned about Jay Cutler’s late-night carousing.

Jay Cutler Chicago Bears jersey

(”Aw, man - I need a drink!”)

• You would think home plate umpires deal with enough abuse without having to take a broken bat to the face.

• A couple of Texas Tech football players find relief along the stadium wall.

• Time to get Mist-y eyed, Seattle - here comes your lingerie football team!

• One-time one-legged sports sensation Carl Joseph finally gets some recognition, as he’s elected to the Florida High School Athletic Hall of Fame.

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NCAA OKs “Sand Volleyball” As New Varsity Sport

Last July, we served up word that the NCAA was considering adding beach volleyball - or “sand volleyball”, as they prefer to call it -  to their varsity curriculum. Now that wonderful dream has become a reality.

beach volleyball sand volleyball

(Coming soon to a campus near you!)

Tom Hoffarth of FARTHER OFF THE WALL reports that the NCAA Division I Legislature voted to add sand volleyball to their list of emerging sports for women. In other words, schools can now start fielding teams that will be officially recognized by the NCAA.

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NCAA Considering Beach Volleyball As New Sport

It’s still an Olympic sport, which can’t be said of softball. But beach volleyball seems to experiencing a jump in popularity, so the NCAA has voted to add it to a list of sports they’re considering to make into actual no-foolin’ varsity sports. That sound you heard was Allison Stokke’s father putting out a red alert on overprotective fathers of athletic, attractive women everywhere.

Beach volleyball, NCAA sport?

It’s definitely a spring break type of sport — which is why they’re calling it “sand volleyball” instead — but with promises of Olympic gold in 2008, there may be enough interest to start intercollegiate competitions in the near future. Read more…