Phanatic Flattens Chicken As Top Sports Mascot

FORBES has trotted out their picks for America’s top sports mascot, and the Phillie Phanatic flew over the San Diego Chicken to claim the #1 spot.

Phillie Phanatic

(The Phanatic on the lookout for MILFs. [Psst - Check behind you!])

In existence since roaming the old Vet back in ‘78, the Phanatic is known for entertaining audiences and annoying baseball old-timers. Upon seeing the big green guy, Joe Garagiola once commented, “Baseball is being invaded by the Muppets.” And Tommy Lasorda has even got into fisticuffs with the Phanatic.

We would have sworn the Chicken would be ruling the mascot roost. But any fuzzball that can rumble with Tommy is also number one in our book.

After the Phanatic & Chicken, Forbes finishes out their top ten:

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