Tennis Star Rolls With Raucous Gang of ‘Samurai’

Men’s tennis has enjoyed a miniature Renaissance on the back of the Federer-Nadal rivalry, but by and large, it’s still a flawed, semi-popular sport. Ever since the days of, say, Mark Philippoussis firing uncontested 140-mph serves by his opponent, men’s tennis has been largely devoid of the long, exciting volleys and rallies that still occur more often on the women’s circuit.

Sam Querrey Samurai
(Somehow, despite using 11 letters, this just spells “BRO.”)

But perhaps the sheer power of self-amusement can bring some fans back to the game. To that end, fans of Sam Querrey - some of whom are old friends from high school - have termed themselves “The Samurai.” They don’t really have much in common with ninjas or anything, but they’re just fantastic at badgering opponents into frustrated submission.

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