Noah Chillaxes In Caribbean w/Half-Naked Gal Pal

• We’re quite Bullish on Joakim Noah’s bare-breasted beach bunny:

Joakim Noah topless girlfriend

• The Game 7 finale of the fantastic Penguins-Capitals series turned out to be a pretty boring blowout.

Sam Young’s burgeoning NBA career may have been screwed up by a loose screw.

• Two strokes aren’t stopping an ump trying to get back to the Big Show.

• Citi Field’s first streaker took eight years to plan out his magical run.

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Former Pitt Star’s NBA Career Screwed by Screw?

Sam Young, the former Pittsburgh Panthers basketball star who isn’t DeJuan Blair, is getting ready for the June 25 NBA Draft. In preparation for his possible picking, Sam has been trying out with different teams.

Sam Young Pitt

One of those teams was the Toronto Raptors. While working out with the Canadian club last weekend (man, I could sure go for some Canadian Club right now), Young was trying to see how high he could get. No, he wasn’t hanging with Corie Blount - Sam was testing his vertical leap.

You would think jumping up wouldn’t be so dangerous, but it turned out to be a painful experience for Young - not for his feet, but his arm, thanks to a wayward screw.

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How Apropos: ND’s Sam Young Would Be Jesus

It’s Easter weekend, and plenty of us are heading home to celebrate the religious holiday with our families. Well, before Notre Dame football players got a chance to skip out of town, the FORT WAYNE JOURNAL-GAZETTE got them to say who they’d be for one day if they had their pick. Not surprisingly, most of the Irish picked other athletes, rappers and the like, but at least one, tackle Sam Young (no, not that Sam Young, this one), picked an even higher target: Jesus Christ.

sam young notre dame

(Hmmmm, not the way we pictured Jesus.)

That’s right, the former Florida Gatorade Player of the Year — he won the award over Tim Tebow — would embody Jesus for a day if he could have his pick. More refreshing, however, is the logic Young used to choose Jesus. It’s basically the same line we use to convince ourselves we really do want ice cream at 1:30 in the morning.

Hey, what better than a “What the Hell?” attitude to encourage someone to be Jesus for a day, right?

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ND Player Adds 43 Lbs Of ‘Lean Muscle’ In 4 Mos.?

Jeff Carroll of the SOUTH BEND TRIBUNE (via EDSBS) has a stupefying claim by Charlie Weis about Notre Dame offensive lineman Sam Young:

Charlie Weis MySpace enemies

(image from JOE SPORTS FAN)

Let’s suspend disbelief and buy a 43-pound weight gain by right tackle Sam Young in approximately four months, a feat accomplished, Weis said, without the benefit of any additional body fat. A triumph attained, indeed, “just by adding lean muscle.”

Yes, we know, you beat us to it: “So what does Charlie Weis know about lean muscle?”

Carroll’s piece is actually about the pathetic performance of the ND offensive line last season, which gave up more sacks than our last, late night trip to White Castle. Read more…