Terrell Owens Comes to Aid of Injured ESPN Writer

We always knew Terrell Owens has a special fondness for the media - okay, maybe only a fondness for hot Mexican TV reporters. But we never would have guessed the Cowboys receiver would come to the rescue of an injured ESPN reporter.

Kate Walsh Terrell Owens

(Kate Walsh is lucky to be in the presence of such a heroic player)

But that’s just what T.O. did. The Worldwide Leader’s Sam Alipour had just left the ESPYs after-party early Thursday morning (guess our invitation is still in the mail), when the ESPN.com writer was hit by a Honda Civic.

Alipour had just enough warning to leap over the oncoming car’s fender and smash into the front windshield. When he came to minutes later all bloodied and bruised, Sam’s first thoughts were how much his shoulder hurt. That, and “Holy Crap, that’s T.O.!Read more…