Who To Cast As Mustache Guy For Monty Biopic?

Thanks to some trusty, ham-fisted photoshop, I’ve finally placed mustache guy in the Tiger Woods camera shot:

Tiger Woods camera shot with Jon Lovitz

The role of old Pauly Shore in the upcoming Playboy Mansion retrospective will have to wait!

Another Angle To Greatest Golf Photo Of All-Time

Here’s another angle of the greatest golf photograph in history:

Tiger Woods Camera Shot Another Angle

If you don’t know by now, what makes the original photo so incredibly special has absolutely nothing to do with Tiger Woods and his golf shot into the camera lens. Read more…

Shudderbug: Tiger Shot Smashes Photog’s Cam

The LONDON DAILY MAIL has this astonishing photo from staff photographer Mark Pain taken of Tiger Woods at the Ryder Cup on Sunday.

Tiger Woods shot smashes photographer's camera

(Unfortunate Camera Ang .. er .. Mangle)

The shot was snapped on the final hole of play as Woods attempted to chip onto the green, instead duffing his ball directly into the lens of Pain’s camera. The impact smashed the lens of Pain’s Nikon D3 but the image was saved by the camera and Pain was unhurt.

Tiger Woods shot smashes photographer's camera


So how did Tiger react? Read more…

Sheets Almost On Fire; Clemens Feeling Snubbed

• Brewers fans were hoping Ben Sheets would get fired up for the postseason run, but probably not in this way.

Ben Sheets Roger Clemens

Roger Clemens is “heartbroken” that he was left out of the Yankee Stadium finale’s honor roll.

• Your 2009 BCS championship game - Wisconsin vs. Utah?!

• A church in Michigan hopes to boost attendance by allowing parishoners to put on sports jerseys for the Sunday services.

• Another wardrobe malfunction for the Idaho Vandals - first, the football players have ‘I’s on their butts, and now the school thinks its cheerleaders are too scantily clad.

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Europeans Bolloxed By American Crowds At Ryder

If Americans know how to do anything with our frontier roots, we know how to get rowdy. Such was the case all week at the Ryder Cup as frenzied *golf* crowds rallied the American duffers to victory after a string of embarrassing defeats. American captain Paul Azinger called the supporters the “13th man”, but at least one European player thinks otherwise.

Europe’s Lee Westwood called out several abuses. Reports the SOUTH FLORIDA SUN SENTINEL: Westwood said there was some “shameful” fan participation, including a foul reference about his mother before he hit a tee shot, and a nuisance telephone call to his room in the wee hours before the final round. Read more…

U.S. Team Brings Ryder Cup Back To The States

There’s nothing quite like the Ryder Cup, where high-profile professional golfers put their individual accomplishments aside for a weekend and work as an actual team. And America was made proud today as our boys in red, white, and blue took home the trophy from those pretentious cappuccino-sipping Europeans.

Jim Furyk, Ryder Cup

(”Give me back my cup!”)

The final day began with the U.S. team up 9-7 on the Europeans. The lead quickly rose when rookie Anthony Kim defeated Europe’s Sergio Garcia, who suffered his worst loss in Ryder Cup history. Following up on that, Kenny Perry, Boo Weekly and J.B. Holmes all won their matches before Jim Furyk finally clinched the cup with a victory over Miguel Angel Jimenez, giving the Americans the necessary 14.5 points.

Even more shocking was that the team won without Tiger Woods, which is kind of like the Patriots winning the Super Bowl after losing Tom Brady.

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Wooooooo! Golf! Wooooooo! Take That, Europe!

Day two of the Ryder Cup is well underway, after a Friday that featured the plucky underdog American team of multi-millionaires in matching polos taking a sizable early lead over Europe’s group of more stylish, but equally wealthy, ball-whackers.

Mickelson, Tiger, and Davis Love get excited about golf

And what an electric atmosphere it was. Middle aged white guys from all over the country have descended upon Louisville’s Valhalla Golf Club to rock the house, going as far as nearly creating actual excitement. Which, of course, rankled the Euros, who apparently believe the sport should remain a solemn exercise in tedium. C’mon guys, politely and respectfully bomb those chaps back to the stone age! U-S-A! U-S-A!

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Another Of The Ugly Things Vegas Makes You Do

Nice find by Brian Powell at AWFUL ANNOUNCING and DEADSPIN today - as Powell digs up video of ESPN’s Stu Scott as a weatherman in North Carolina.

Thunder From Down Under John Buccigross

Now if I can only lay my hands on video from John Buccigross’ days with the Thunder From Down Under. (I’m in Vegas folks, work with me.)

The BOSTON GLOBE reports on the New England Patriots’ new “Hall at Patriot Place.”

Among the “most interesting interactive exhibits is ‘The Snow Globe,’ a 16-foot-diameter geodesic dome that surrounds visitors and greets them with a drop temperature as a video is played” of former Patriots Kicker Adam Vinatieri’s tying field goal against the Raiders in the 2002 playoffs.

Adam Vinatieri snow kick

Seems a little elaborate if you ask me. Especially since they could just have Bill Belichick or Al Davis walk in the room to create the exact same effect.

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Padres Rookies Turned Into Horrid Hooters Girls

• In the most horrible of MLB hazings, the Padres’ rookies get dressed up as Hooters Girls. Isn’t playing for San Diego embarrassing enough already?

Padres rookies dressed as Hooters girls

*Editor’s note: We’re sorry for sharing such a terrifying image. Please enjoy the following photo as a token of our sincerest apologies:

SbB Girls Vanessa Hillary Kim  at Las Vegas Hooters

(SbB Girls Vanessa, Hillary and Kim make it all better)

Ron Artest says Josh Howard’s stunning comments about the Star-Spangled Banner are an indictment of America’s education system.

• What do you do when your team sucks & no one’s coming out to the games? If you’re the Washington Nationals, you cut payroll by $20 million.

• Staying in the District, Agent Zero will be out of action until December, as Gilbert Arenas needs knee surgery again.

• No Tiger at the Ryder? No problem, as long as Boo Weekley is around to cause chuckles around the course.

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In Tiger’s Absence at Ryder Cup, Boo’s The Man

Boo Weekley’s aw-shucks, fun-loving ways are All-American, but he just may be a better social fit with the hard partying Europeans during this week’s Ryder Cup. He’s already produced a bevy of quotes in the run-up to the annual woodshedding of American golfers. Maybe he’ll even help produce a rare victory.

How’s a discussion about hunting, pants and silk undies, for starters?

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