Long Snapper Now Much More Than Aging Callgirl

The CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER reports on the Browns player with the highest salary cap number on the team: long snapper Ryan Pontbriand, at $8.8M (a cap number is the value of the player’s base salary plus the pro-rated portion of bonuses and incentive clauses contained in the contract).

Ryan Pontbriand

By giving Pontbriand (and other club vets) a bunch of incentive clauses that they have no chance to reach, the Brownies exploited a loophole in the league’s salary cap rules that have allowed the team to increase it’s salary cap by $10M - from $116M to $126M.

Pontbriand won’t come close to making $8 million, but he scored over $1M in signing bonus cash and earns over $1M per season for throwing a ball between his legs. And when describing his job that way, one realizes more than ever that whomever made up the position description “long snapper” was a true genius.