Former Partyer Russell Martin Is Whipped, Happily

In this episode of “As The Dodgers Turn,” we learn some interesting things about catcher Russell Martin. Like: he might have had a drinking problem! And: it’s OK now, because his hot girlfriend has him whipped and he’s over all the partying!

Marikym Hervieux

You know things might have been bad when T.J. Simers feels the need to mention that during this interview, Martin wasn’t hung over. But that all changed when he met his muse, model Marikym Hervieux. Let’s delve inside Martin’s demons, and see more of the woman who changed him, after the jump.

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Review: Sklars’ Topps Web Series Far From Mint

The reviews are in for Topps’ new Web series Back on Topps, starring Randy and Jason Sklar. OK, “review,” but it’s a Web series - what did you expect, Roger Ebert? Unfortunately, AD AGE isn’t being too kind, calling the Sklar Brothers “dopey” and saying the whole thing seems like a “sad imitator” of shows like Arrested Development. Is this the Waterworld of promotional Web series?

Back on Topps

The premise? The Sklars play Leyland and Leif Topps, who find out that their uncle has sold the company business to a corporate conglomerate owned by Michael Eisner. They struggle to keep the mission of Topps cards afloat as the mean penny-pinching executive plots their downfall. Also, there’s a stalker. And sports cameos by Andre Ethier, Russell Martin and Kevin Love. So basically, whatever B-list athletes happened to be hanging around in LA that day and were down for getting a free lunch.

Is it any good? Check out an episode for yourself after the jump:

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Rockies Manager Hurdle: “I just hate the Dodgers”

Clint Hurdle is all that is wrong with this country. The Rockies manager told the DENVER POST that he abhors the Dodgers, which is as un-American as hating the Dallas Cowboys, or Peter King speaking ill of Brett Favre.

Clint Hurdle

I thought that despising the Los Angeles baseball team that actually plays in LA was a right reserved for Jeff Kent (and, eventually, Manny Ramirez, because that’s his shtick), but apparently anybody can do it.

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AJ Burnett Gets Rid Of His Nipple Rings Much To Relief Of Dodgers

BURNETT NIPPLES CAUSE RIPPLE IN DODGERS CLUBHOUSE: The TORONTO STAR reported during Spring Training this season that Blue Jays pitcher A.J. Burnett had nipple rings.

A.J. Burnett

But as of this week, the TORONTO SUN’s Kathryn Humphreys sadly reports that Burnett is no longer wearing them.

The news came as a relief to Dodger catcher Russell Martin, who for some reason felt the need to present this scenario to Humphreys: “What if I’m sliding into second base and they rip? Ouch. And what if you go in the sun and they get hot and it burns? I don’t want that to happen to me.

Russell Martin

Humphreys asked another Dodger, Andre Ethier, if he wore the torso decorations. The outfielder replied, “You’ll be shocked to find this out, but I have nipple rings.”

Andre Ethier

Turns out Ethier was fibbing, but he did say that he once had a minor league teammate who chose that particular piercing, and “In fact, I made a point not to look as much. You don’t want to be the gawker. You don’t want to be that guy, especially in the shower.

Maybe it’s just us, but gang showers and gawkers don’t usually bring nipple rings first to mind.

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