Junior Seau’s Rodeo Antics Fail To Amuse Bull

When Junior Seau said he retired to spend more time with his kids, of course he really meant cavorting with rodeo clowns and an enraged bull. Who wouldn’t do that if they were thinking of making a possible NFL comeback later this season?

Junior Seau

I guess one’s resume is never complete without “Guest Rodeo Clown” somewhere in there. OK. But how do you explain to Belichick that you won’t be able to help during the playoff run because you have hoofprints on your ass? Video, of course, following the jump. Read more…

First Fatality In 15 Years At Running Of The Bulls

Because we occasionally need a reminder that 1,000-pound animals running amongst drunken revelers on cobblestone surfaces is not the world’s smartest idea, there’s news that a man was gored to death on Day 4 of Pamplona, Spain’s infamous Running of the Bulls. It was the first death at the annual Festival of Gratuitous Mayhem since 1995 (22-year-old American Matthew Tassio), and nine other people were also injured — one, a 61-year-old man, who suffered internal bleeding. This after the first three days of the Festival of San Fermin in which runners escaped virtually unscathed.

According to the festival web site, a “rogue bull” separated from the pack and began charging people (video below); which never makes for a fun afternoon. The man who was killed was Spaniard Daniel Jimeno Romero, 27, who was gored in the neck and lung. Paramedics were on the scene immediately but were unable to revive him. Read more…

It’s Time For The Running Of The Bald Guys Bulls

It’s one of the world’s most confounding spectacles, where dangerous beasts, crazed participants and horrified spectators combine in a festival of injury and mayhem. But enough about the Michael Jackson Memorial. Today was also the first day of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, which is part of the Festival of San Fermin. I know that Saint Fermin is the patron of Pamplona, but is there a patron Saint for idiots? Whoever it is, we need him now.

One man who attended the first day called it “a clean run,” although the lumbering gentleman in the red shirt above would disagree. And that report doesn’t take into account the protests in and around the streets of San Fermin, where Spain’s version of PETA gets naked (of course) to let you know that bullfighting is not cool. Photos, video below. Read more…

Ole! Bull Loose As Queens Turns Into Pamplona

It was just your average Wednesday morning on the streets of Woodhaven, Queens. Commuters buying their coffee and newspapers on their walk to the train. Vendors cooking up their first batch of hot dogs. A bull running loose in the streets.

Bull goring a matador

And despite the eventual capture of the bovine intruder, nobody’s exactly sure where it came from. Apparently, a large farm animal can just materialize out of thin air in the middle of New York City. Since all of the city’s matadors and rodeo clowns apparently had the day off, NYPD officers had to chase down the bull, which was first spotted in the morning being pursued by an unidentified man (how is that guy still unidentified?).

Read more…

Bull-Running Related Injuries Down in 2008 So Far

Seven people were hospitalized after today’s running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. My guess is this guy was one of them.

Guy gets taken down by Bull

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports “One man was smashed against a wooden crash barrier as the bulls rounded a bend on the course and skidded sideways into him. Another escaped a goring when he fell just in front of the charging animals. Seven people were taken to Pamplona’s two hospitals, including one with multiple injuries and three with chest injuries, said Dr. Ignacio Yurss, director of the Navarra Hospital in Pamplona.” Read more…