High School Football About To Ban A-11 Offense?

Remember the brief hysteria surrounding the “A-11″ offense? Quick primer on it: football rules dictate that offensive linemen are ineligible to catch a pass on account of their position on the interior of the line and their jersey numbers. Football rules dictate that there must be five of these ineligible linemen on the line on every play… except punts, so teams can put faster tacklers on the field. The A-11 creators took this as a loophole, lined up in a “scrimmage kick” formation on every play, and essentially had 11 eligible receivers to work with. Once the team gets up to the ball, rules still dictate that five players be interior linemen (see: ineligible), but by not revealing who these players are until the snap, the coaches gain some sort of strategic advantage.

A-11 Illegal

The problem with this offense is that college and pro football immediately ensured that the offense was illegal by sealing off that loophole, restricting the offense to the high school level. There, its creators, Stan Humphries and Kurt Bryan, have enjoyed selling their offense at great profit to other coaches “success on and off the field.” But as Chris Brown of SMART FOOTBALL (the best Xs and Os website on the planet, bar none) reports, that might all be coming to an end very soon… and Bryan’s and Humphries’ collective sanity may be flying out the window right next to it: Read more…