NBA To Change Traveling For LeBron Crab Move?

OK, they’re not admitting that the changes are being  made just for LeBron James, but it’s pretty clear he’s probably the impetus behind a recent announcement that the NBA will investigate re-writing its traveling rules,  a modification that would make the “crab dribble” legal once again.

LeBron James vs Knicks

(A classic LeBron “crab dribble”, soon to be legal.)

The clearest indication that the rule is being pushed by James infamous tirade after he was called for travelling despite a “crab dribble” is  the claim that the league may officially allow two steps instead of one. That would pave the way to recognize the crab dribble as a legitimate move, since it requires, at best, two steps. Of course, nearly every drive down an NBA lane includes two steps at this point, so legalizing that probably just means that  NBA players will be upset if they’re called for travelling for three steps next year, but that’s another story.

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NFL Looks For More Ugly Green Dots On Helmets

The NFL is heavily considering and expected to approve a new rule allowing a defensive player to have a radio in his helmet during games next year. Of course, this means one more odd-looking green dot on the field of play on Sundays.

Drew Brees green dot

The WASHINGTON POST reports that, as with any new proposed rule, 2/3 of the owners will have to approve allowing the radio in the helmet. It’ll basically connect one player to the coach or defensive coordinator (my guess is the team’s middle linebacker will be the one receiving the plays more often than not.)

Also, as is required of any piece on radio communication for the defense, makes the obligatory references to the Jets’ signals being videotaped by the Patriots.

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Joe Paterno Not Disciplining Players Accused Of April Robbery

JOEPA DOESN’T FOLLOW THROUGH ON DISCIPLINE RULES: When it comes to keeping his players in line, Joe Paterno doesn’t like to follow his own advice.

Joe Paterno Fall

The CENTRE DAILY TIMES catches up on a list of rules set by the Penn State coach when some of his football boys got in trouble.Back in May, Paterno sent a letter to the PSU president that outlined a disciplinary plan for players involved in a house break-in in April. The memorandum mentioned that the players “would see their roster positions drop, and their game time decreased.”

However, the TIMES noticed this season that two of the accused, safety Anthony Scirrotto and defensive back Lydell Sargeant, have started every game this season. And a third, defensive lineman Chris Baker, got to start in four contests.

Joe Paterno motorcycle

JoePa probably prefers to dole out punishment in other ways - like road rage.