Is Pete Carroll To Blame For Sanchez’s Injury?

As Randy Newman would say, there’s trouble in paradise for the USC: starting quarterback/teen heartthrob Mark Sanchez is fighting a knee injury suffered against Oregon that, as the LOS ANGELES TIMES reports, might keep him out of Saturday’s game against Arizona State and hand the keys of the Trojan offense to Mitch Mustain.

Mark Sanchez hurt

Or not. Just listen to USC offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian on Monday, as he gave one of the most confusing injury reports in sports history:

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Arizona’s Sports Night Much Worse Than Ohio’s

If you were a sports fan in Ohio on Saturday night, watching the Buckeyes implode in a big game for the umpteenth time, you might be feeling pretty miserable right now. But, cheer up! At least you aren’t a sports fan in Arizona: that would really suck after last night.

Arizona State post-UNLV

It was a total collapse on all levels, from college to professional. If it was possible for the Cardinals to somehow have lost last night without having played their game, they would have. (Actually, it is the Cardinals and anything is possible: I should check to make sure they somehow didn’t have to forfeit last night.)

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James Posey Pantsless; Allison Stokke Giving Herself More Attention

• DEADSPIN bottoms out with Miami Heat player James Posey throwing up signs, while a girl is just throwing up:

James Posey pantsless

• SONS OF SAM MALONE hopes to Bond victims together with their 10-step program in dealing with 755*.

• FIRE JOE MORGAN laughed until they stopped, as they perform their own analysis of Jay Mohr on

• BEARS NECESSITY hopes future Cal student Allison Stokke can finally get away from the spotlight she keeps vaulting into:

Allison Stokke action shot

• After Tom Glavine, will another pitcher ever be able to reach 300 wins? Rahula Strohl of CHICAGOSPORTS.COM locates a candidate who could be next.

Stephen Holder of the ST. PETERSBURG TIMES reminisces about Clinton Portis not telling his college coach he was going pro.

• What are they showing on the Lambeau Jumbotron? PACKERS REPORT points out that Family Night at the Green Bay stadium costs “less than price of an adult movie ticket.”

Lambeau Field Deep Throat

• YARDBARKER knows it’s all about the benjamins, as LeBron James gets money advice from his childhood friends.

• RAIDER TAKE knows this season is the one, as laid out in their Oakland Raiders manifesto.

• ARIZONA SPORTS HUB has lost a reader, now that Sun Devils QB Rudy Carpenter doesn’t want to read about himself ‘n’ Brynn ‘n’ Matt anymore:

Rudy Carpenter Brynn Cameron Matt Leinart

• BRUINS NATION finds that UCLA football coach Karl Dorrell is the real Mr. Irrelevant.

• LION IN OIL kicks out the jams, as a young rapper is bringin’ his mad b-ball skillz to da SC, G.