NBAer On Fiancée’s Reality Show: “Disgusted”

In the most recent episode of VH1’s Basketball Wives reality show titled “Cheating Spouses”, current Orlando Magic player Matt Barnes appeared in an excruciatingly uncomfortable scene with his fiancée Gloria, who is a regular on the show, and two other regular cast members.

Matt Barnes Appears On VH1 Basketball Wives

In the scene, Barnes is essentially ambushed by Jennifer Williams (wife of ex-NBA player Eric Williams) and Evelyn Lozada (Antoine Walker’s baby mama) who do everything but accuse Barnes of straying from his engagement. In the show’s previous episode, Eric Williams admitted on camera to cheating on wife Jennifer while he played in the NBA.

This week Barnes guested on the Jim Rome radio show and was asked about the VH1 reality show.

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VH1 Reality Show: NBA Biological Lottery Winners

VH1’s Basketball Wives reality show debuts on Sunday. Following the lives of actual wives of NBA players sounds like a colossal bore, but I’m happy to report that this show will be anything but that. Of the six cast members, exactly zero are married to current NBA players.

Basketball Wives On Vh1

(Quite a lineup Elgin assembled over the years)

Instead we get Jennifer Williams, who is married to former NBA journeyman Eric Williams. Shaunie O’Neal, who recently divorced Shaq. Suzie Ketcham, who is divorced from Michael Olowokandi. Gloria Govan, who is engaged to Matt Barnes and is the sister of Gilbert Arenas baby mama Laura Govan. And baby mamas Royce Reed (Dwight Howard) and Evelyn Lozada (Antoine Walker).

Dwight Howard Baby Mama Royce Reed Miami Super Bowl Party Photo

(Dwight Howard’s baby mama Royce Reed busts a move by the pool)

From their bios on the Vh1 site, none of the women are particularly attractive or have anything interesting going on in their lives. Or a job. (Until now!)

What we have here is the quintessential collection of retread groupies, which means the bios page of the women is an absolute comedy goldmine. Read more…

Dwight Howard’s Baby Mama Now Private Dancer

For some reason, Dwight Howard’s baby mama Royce Reed decided to lock up her Twitter account today.

Royce Reed Dwight Howard Baby Momma

For someone not shy about sharing her privates, the move is perplexing.

Video: Dwight Howard Baby Mama, Umm, Dancing

We now have video of Dwight Howard’s baby mama Royce Reed “dancing” at a pool party in Miami yesterday. (Reed is the mother of Howard’s two-year-old son Braylon.)

Dwight Howard Baby Mama Royce Reed Miami Super Bowl Party Photo

(SheBeBlinded with that. Dot com.)

Ludacris and Terrell Owens were two of the discreet chaps in attendance who apparently wondered of Reed, “How Low Can You Go?”

Dwight Howard Baby Mama Royce Reed Miami Super Bowl Party Photo

(WHY you ask? She was out to win Clippers tickets. Seriously)

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Dwight Howard Baby Mama Likes To, Umm, Dance

Here’s a photo of Royce Reed at the pool of the Fontainebleau Hotel yesterday. Reed is the baby mama of Dwight Howard’s two-year-old son Braylon.

Dwight Howard Baby Mama Royce Reed Miami Super Bowl Party Photo

(Hope they tipped well)

What, can’t tell it’s her? Then let me help you.

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Howard: I’m Not Suing My Baby Momma For $9.2M

Orlando Sentinel reporter Brian Schmitz reports that Dwight Howard said Thursday he, “hadn’t sued the mother of his child, former Magic dancer Royce Reed, for $9.2 million in damages for defaming his character, contrary to a fairly detailed report by”

Royce Reed Dwight Howard Baby Momma

Howard said he didn’t know of any suit filed in Orange County, Ca., as reported by “This is on TMZ?” Howard asked. “I haven’t seen it. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Excerpt of TMZ piece:

According to the docs filed in Orange County, CA, the Orlando Magic center is suing Royce Lyndsay Reed — the mother of his 2-year-old son — over allegedly defamatory comments that surfaced on gossip site

Wait, so there’s documents? If there’s documents filed, then why would Howard be denying the lawsuit? Read more…

Is Dwight Howard’s Baby Momma A Gold Digger?

No, we didn’t call her a straight-out whore, just one for attention. But the story isn’t that the mother of an athlete’s illegitimate child is seeking media attention. No, it’s how she’s doing: By explicitly claiming that she isn’t.

royce reed dwight howard girlfriend magic

The latest example of Royce Reed — that’s the Baby Momma in question –  and her sideline celebrity complex came Thursday night, while the father of her child was on the court in Cleveland. During Orlando’s Game 5 loss, Reed responded almost real time to a tweet sent out by Robert Littal, the blogger and tweeter who has a tendency to go for the jugular of athletes and their social lives. Essentially, here’s what went down: Littal tweeted that Howard knocked up the first girl who would jump in bed with him, and she happened to be a cheerleader, then Reed responded to Littal saying that she and Howard had a legitimate relationship.

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The Rock, Paper, Steroids; Lenny’s A Lousy Boss

Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. The Rock, comes clean about past steroid use. Show him all’s forgiven by paying $14 to see “Race To Witch Mountain”!

The Rock Dwayne Johnson Lenny Dykstra

Lenny Dykstra - great boss, financial genius, and friend of all races. And if you believe that, there’s a bridge in Brooklyn we’d like to sell you.

• It’s March Madness time! Awkward high-five between old white guys!

• Despite his marvelous on-court skills, Dwyane Wade won’t be schoolin’ anyone in Miami this year.

• New video shows Donte Stallworth taking a sobriety test after last weekend’s car accident that killed a pedestrian.

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Dwight Howard’s Baby & Baby Mama Back In Town

Sunday night, the Orlando Magic were busy celebrating 20 years of the NBA team’s existence. As part of the “20 Years of Magic” celebration, more than 100 former Magic Dancers showed up at the Amway Arena - including this hot mama with a toddler in tow:

royce reed braylon howard dwight howard son

Who’s that? Why, it’s none other than Royce Reed, former girlfriend of Magic star Dwight Howard. And the little bundle of joy in her arms? That’s Royce & Dwight’s 1-year-old son, Braylon Joshua Robert Howard.

If you recall, little Braylon was the subject of a little controversy involving Dwight. Here was the older Howard, a superstar role model & very devout Christian, spreading the word of God ‘n’ such - and he goes out and impregnates a team dancer, who ends up having Dwight’s baby out of wedlock.

But Royce is back, and ready to show Dwight what he’s been missing out on. Pics of Dwight’s baby mama in action after the jump.

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No Wonder Brett Favre Hasn’t Retired Just Yet

Here’s Your Recap of SbB Today …

• Packers Bikini Girls apparently have “been around for years” (see update on this post). More pics here.

Packers Bikini Girls

Dwight Howard is no Philip Rivers, but we’d be tempted too.

Royce Reed Dwight Howard Baby Momma

• NYC radio host: Pete Carroll is the Redskins’ “mystery” coaching candidate.

Dungy’s staying for one more season until failed college coach Jim Caldwell takes over Colts.

Steelers receiver’s girlfriend needs SWAT team to take her down?

• Laurence Maroney “doesnt want to blow my wad early“. Us too!

• “Coming To America” predicts Giants-Packers outcome. Really.